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  1. How is Blade & Soul Doing?

    The game is far from dying it is one of NCSOFT's most popular games regardless of what many people post on here, so no wont be going anywhere for a while yet sadly just to many Snowflakes play it and want to nerf the crap out of it but hey what can you do *sigh*.
  2. Waaaah... but any hoo nerf was implemented already for NA/EN watch BnS live streams was said somewhere in there about them so again quit your crying play the class study it or get good but please stop whining. Yes i have a Warden no I main a KFM O.O shock horror...
  3. Pointless post like 100% of all yours are lol no point trying to discuss everytime you answer all I hear is more crying and excuse's fine nerf the game and class's into oblivion turn into a fairy fest then maybe you will be happy once and for all?
  4. Top tip like any other class you want to attack get behind all attacks will hit 100% even a warden it's a weak spot so like I said stop crying about nerfs and get good learn how class works don't try and attack head on Wardens are not gods. It's players like you that have turned this game into the crap fest it is today with the retarded snowflake holdhands gameplay.
  5. BooooHoooo it's not all about stupid ass pvp well guess what get gud son Warden are having there skill's looked at and attack speeds are going to incease why oh to make us better tanks in PVE content like some of us actually run and enjoy and need the mechanics of the class as it was designed. Quit being a snowflake wind your neck in and stfu alreadly about Warden's sick and tired of people like you crying and getting your own way.
  6. Nice game

    Lost Packets not enough uploaded data so server kicked you off T.T shame just log back in it happens enjoy.
  7. dual sword class

    Dual Sword user is what Blade Master should of have been from the begining to be honest would have been so much better T.T
  8. Simple saying goes: Practice Makes Perfect. No it is not a job, Yes it is a game and games you have to practice at some parts to get passed them so stick on some tunes hunker down and crack on Enjoy
  9. $$

    eep but still now you pretty geared up shame to knock it on the head, just play it for some fun now and enjoy it with new content and don't worry about new stuff you pretty much geared for that aswell.
  10. this is how broken this game is

    79fps looking fine to me
  11. Can you equip 1 of each type of garnet?

    Nope either pvp for pvp or pve for pve same jewel type as in garnet just different stats, this was said before patch went live and also explained again in recent 56min live stream they did.
  12. $$

    Ehh how come??