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  1. we need a real fix for gold income and my orher issue or game will die within 1 or months so please @Green Stormtake a real look you should try the game and see what we are talking about
  2. The current 365 Day Premium Membership costume, Knightmare, will be replaced with Frostbite as 2022’s exclusive when the Soul Resurgence update goes live on January 19, 2022. If you renewed your 365 Day Premium Membership between December 19, 2021, and January 19, 2022—we’ll send you the Frostbite costume set and illusion weapon to your in-game mail by the January 21. Any new 365 Day Premium Membership subscriptions made after December 19, 2021, and before January 19, 2022, will get the Hongmoon Black Feather, Knightmare costume set, and bonus items delivered immediately, and we’ll mail
  3. @Himeits funny how people who use multitool can acces f5 without any issue, while people who play on normal launcher cant acces f5 market keep getting this msg error, so are you telling us to break rules and use cheat to acces market or what ?
  4. hello, i got IA ring and earring from CTA event, and i need dungeons acces like ( ayanka earring,ring ) to upgrade them but the problem is there is only one box drop those acces in normal mode dungeons and hard to find party doing normal mode cuz all people go as easy mode so we can buy box from junsorei merchant but how old acces need ( 50 snactum core ) why not sovereign core or older cores cuz the acces like ayanka ring drop in dungeon give sovereign core at last in past now its way harder for new players to get those acces any solution for this @Hime
  5. for all of you just collect ur mail box stuff on ur main char and let boost voucher show in first page of mail box then u can use it without any issue
  6. we need solution 90% of those rng boxes outfits already have them like 2 years
  7. great move i was have 90% off those rng outfits boxes and did pay everytime to get boxes with ncoins and now everything just disapear for no reason they should have something to see items date before they do random removes
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