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  1. The New AFK Fishing Event

    yes, you can just play the game and ignore afk fishing
  2. M'ao Gloves

    low drop impact me too, 50++ WC i cant found a single bracelets...
  3. New Event - You just don't care enough

    they still give 5 per account, we need 5 per weeks or 5 per char so we can stay 1or 2 step behinds whale $. if still continue like this i think i will out of the competitions, i play 6 hours a day at least, because i still enjoy the game for now.
  4. New Event - You just don't care enough

    yes, soul need 300++ oils, heart needs 160++ oils how long will you get maxed this when we got only 5 a month? and you only play 1 characters for event? and how can i play other of my alt, they need oils too. maybe im wrong to understand what you want to say.
  5. Make HR permanent

    no, because its only can be benefit 10% or only 1% of all player base... not fit all time zone, and only abuse by strong clan/player...
  6. Hongmoon Gem Powder

    i think its will never hapens, we need $ to spend... F2P will never got those penta gems...
  7. February Store Update

    no one but my gold in f9, how can i enjoy the event... sad... can we buy it with gold instead? so we hard grinder can enjoy the event too
  8. This is the best think happen to me today... thx for your decision...
  9. you cant chat with all friends in friendslist at once. BTW i prefer when 1 char enter a clan all the char in the ID enter the clan too and count as 1 person. so the bound of a person in the clan will grow stronger.
  10. PvP in Moon Refuge

    not all moon refugee are PK free... if you like to PK go there. if not, dont enter... some player just love to PK so they enjoy the game more... if you want revenge, wait the warp to open then PK all the player inside... sometimes i do enjoy the PK sistem...
  11. Simple way to fix event

    event should be free...
  12. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    +1 on VK, so people will experience how its feel being kicked while carrying the party...
  13. Can we get our old DC back?

    Vote for this to go up again...
  14. wish EC, DT and NF still have DC... because its help me a lot when i start playing 2 month ago...
  15. MSP massive lagspike/DC

    i encounter the same problem from the MSP update. and already posted on forum too..