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  1. Hello new player here. It seems that even for low dungeons people want at least 1.5k ap. I have BT ring, earing VT neck and badge and aransu 3 weapon and still lacking 200ap for that minimum 1.5kap. Whats the best way to increase AP? What items i should focus first on upgrading or buying?
  2. I saw an old topic in this forum that sacred orbs can be farmed in lair of frozen fang but i guess that doesnt work anymore. What are the best places to farm them today? Cause some crafts need a lot of them.
  3. Can some of the experienced players identify outfits in BnS website? They are in classes section on the right side. I need to know Soul Fighters, Warlocks and Kung Fu Masters outfits. Thanks in advance :)
  4. Does that mean you will get random weapon up to 8 slots now? Or is it limited to 6?
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