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  1. No one said it wasn't broken back then, im talking about how weak it is now, I'm not even saying it should ever be like it was before, it's just too weak right now compared to other classes. And about the relearning, i have nothing to relearn because i can still play the class in both pve and pvp on a high level so stop talking like you know everything. You're from NA yet you don't even know the difference between your and you're.. Guess that tells me enough about you. Whatever kid, i'm done with your ignorancy, there's no talking sense into someone who can't understand sense. Goodbye.
  2. You showed me a video of last year of nodah playing vs non whales, how ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing stupid are you at this point......
  3. But yes, like you said gunners seem to do fine on the NA servers, but as i showed you that nearly all of those top gunners of NA in 1v1 are wintrading,
  4. Idk if you're just stupid or not but this is a video of a year ago from when gunner was still strong and it's 6v6 where gear plays a huge role.. Not only gear but actual gear difference plays a huge role aswell. Nodah is a big ass whale and that's not a secret to anyone. If you would've actually looked at the video properly you would see that out of the 5 kills he got 2 of them were people with 140k hp which literally means they're full pve and those are the only 2 that he actually needed only 1 unload stack for. The other 2 people he had to hit atleast 3 times before killing them. Stop trying so hard to be a special snowflake by proving people wrong while having 0 clue about a subject. Also on that patch VT badge still had piercing skill (which btw nearly every class still has besides gunner and 1 or 2 more classes). But got removed on gunner badge alone. Tab move 2 also had piercing on it in that patch so really and that got removed aswell, so what are you actually giving me? Nothing. Go stand in your rangeprotect and watch how a gunner won't be able to touch you till it's over. Literally all you're showing me is your ignorance and stupidity like i said before.
  5. Last season the class was still fine, not only due to the iframes but because you didn't have to run away everytime someone stood in their rangeprotect. Right now you don't have another option but to run away once they drop it, it's literally a tactic to SS to the middle of the arena and drop your rangeprotect there so the gunner can't do anything untill that is over, leaving him either open to every attack from the enemy, having to hide as far away from the opponents current position (in this scenario it's in the corner of the room), having to waste either iframes or defensive abilities just to survive with no offensive options because you can't do ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ vs someone in a veil/petalstorm, etc.. The people can literally dance the macarena in there and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it. That's the sad truth about the class in the current season, but i respect your take on it aswell.
  6. You do realise that the core of pvp shows what classes are balanced in an equalised setting right? Just because some maxed out whale gets plat in a p2w mode doesn't mean the class is busted, are you really that gullible. When you go to arena THE PLACE LITERALLY MADE WHERE EVERYONE IS THE SAME AP/HP with little to no difference except some base stats. That is the only place where you can see the core and balancing of a class. Any other place where it's either who has the highest geared character is irrelevant to what the actual point is. And just to show you some examples from the EU 6v6 rankings and arena rankings: Whirlwind: Beluga: Nova Core: Arena 1v1: (Highest ranked gunner + the overal highest ratings on gunner) (Compared to the overall 1v1 rankings) 157 places in is the first gunner (who has the top 3 gunner spots claimed in ranking) Arena 3v3:(Top 2 gunner spots claimed by the RU team that literally won the entire world championship, so again don't come telling maybe he's just bad) After checking the NA rankings 5 out of the top 10 gunners in the 1v1 rankings have reached platinum at very suspicious hours ranging from 02:20AM to 03:30AM (not even including 2 others because those hours are still somewhat possible), which highly suggest wintrading since nobody plays at those hours and even if they do it's highly unlikely that they: a) Find players on their rating levels. b) Keep finding other players since once one keeps losing to the other one, they eventually stop matching because of rating difference. The fact that you consider 6v6 (a mode that does not entirely rely on your own performance, gear and skill) a better representation than an equalised setting that solely relies on your own perfomance and skill, says more than enough about how far you've actually used your brain in this discussion. The only thing you are convincing me of is your ignorance and stupidity and a hint of hate for the class itself, do some actual research before you go spouting to people 'oh you just can't play the class.' The class is weak and the weakest class currently available in 1v1 setting and any experienced pvp'er will tell you the same thing.
  7. You really have no clue what you're talking about, you have 18 second cooldown on a skill that you not only use to iframe and escape from other classes, but also need to use for CC's. For example, 1F requires you to use 2 defensive abilities and it's not even guaranteed to land unless you use it inbetween tech chases. Keep in mind that the ability cc's for either 2 seconds on stun and 3 seconds on KD, while the cooldown on your counter is 9seconds with the pvp specs, giving the opponent a 6 second window to whatever he wants with you. Not to mention how stupid the actual counter works in pvp. A warden can just E 2 you and hit in your counter on stun spec, not giving you a hook (which it should give on a succesful counter), not stunning your opponent (which i can somewhat understand since he's technically in iframe, even though the iframe lasts way too long for that) and worst of all, stunning yourself in the progress. I get punished for using my counter like i should. Not to mention all the people in rangeprotect calling you out on 'running' in region chat, yes please tell me what i need to do. Facetank you for 10 seconds while i wait out your rangeprotect? Tell me again how 'amazing' the class is when a simple check at the overall leaderbords will tell you how weak it is since the first gunner is only 153 places in the overall rankings. (FYI: im talking purely about arena, dont' give me any 6v6 or pve bs please ;) )
  8. Just wondering what rating you have on gunner in arena? Or managed to get as highest. Would love to know

    Zerostyles, You of all people shouldn't talk, you're the only fully geared sin that doesn't manage to oneshot someone with minetoss in BG and complain about how weak your class is all the time. The cheese only works on low rated people and is easily countered. And please you're talking about 1500, come back when you atleast hit gold. I'm ranked high 1700 low 1800 on 3 different gunners in arena and i can tell you, there's only 1 person in platinum as a gunner (2accounts of the same person) and he does not use the V 2 cheese because it's a waste of cc's and it nearly never works on high ranked players. So i really don't know what gunner in plat you are talking about but it's a load of bullshit.
  10. I honestly would love to see you learn gunner and play it in arena so you can see how helpless you'll feel against most classes. For pve I agree it's still one of the top dps classes and I don't see a proper reason as to why we should be the NR1 dps class. But if we're talking arena and you claim the class is insanely strong, you are very wrong sir. It's bottom tier class with next to no good matchups and I suggest you find that out on your own.

    So let me get this straight. -You are complaining about the weakest arena class currently available because of the V 2 cheese opener. -You're telling me people in 1500 can tech chase (which is ridiculous) -You have a groundcounter so i assume you're one of the following classes: BM, KFM, Sin, Destro SF or BD. Your solution is what, nerf gunners even more? Just don't complain if you're stuck in 1500's because you have no idea what classes are actually busted xd