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  1. The best way to upgrade to GC weapon on class basis would be Aransu +9 to GC +9 for best performance so save up for those mats for super big upgrade. GC +3 bleh, GC+6 hmm meh but upto person :D
  2. No no soul purpose of testing NA/EU would be like this event for example ncwest had the patch on there internal test server yes, so 100 or 200 random players picked those players will be perm testers for patch content before it is pushed to our live servers see where i am coming from. We already know what is coming due week before live stream ect just makes more sense to be honest, economy would not be touched by this. I use to be a tester on Archage before stuff went to live servers you know was handy seeing if patch was fine or not.
  3. sigh simple mode is there to get people up and running also to help play alts quick and easy, not used as a replacement to learning to play your class. My oh my what is happening with people these days that they can't be assed to play games as intended or learn to play spend more time crying being snowflakes geez get a grip.
  4. Well one way they could do is say to pick for example random 100 or 200 players and have them as test server players to try out stuff before it goes live. To be honest they don't need the whole player base just to test stuff out would be a win win for us and them
  5. Interesting video can't wait for next part of the story, I really wish they did not or do not bring lyn as Warden such a ridculous idea who wants to see a rat/rodent swinging a big ass sword around same reason you don't no lyn destroyers stupid dumb lame ass idea needs killing off now asap -.-
  6. This may seem like a strange concept but it would be a good idea to take a 2 or 3 lower geared people on runs with you in dungeons as boss drop tables are loaded still rng based but at higher chance of leaning toward lower geared players than not.
  7. I would imagine they would make them bound to account so you can transfer between alts like bravery coins ect would make the most sense.
  8. Clipping is an inherent problem of UE3 and BnS is pushing the old game engine to the limits so 2 options 1)buy it and live it with for now wait for UE4 over haul. 2) Don't buy move on but something else.
  9. Unfortunately in this day age it seems many people seem to not understand what the true meaning of an M.M.O is and no 20mins to an hour on mobile or console does not really count I have seen so many other posts over many weeks and months couple of years and changes to suit the so many new players requirements that it is no longer the game it was on launch day. So New Players of BnS please read and understand the true meaning of what this type game was,is and should always be. no rush no end game friends fun Techopedia explains:- Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing
  10. cry cry cry, how about coming here and praising this is not a moba or a game to be changed to suit you play style.
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