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  1. if you reset your settings it will remove the icons, we the controller players can notice that they "decide" to remove the feature just for laziness, sadly i cant play anymore, my arm hurt to much to use a keyboard in a MMO, this one was one of the few that support it... well back to BD, and GW2 with steam controller support... i feel so stupid, waiting ages for an update just to realize that became a reason to quick....
  2. its seem that the developers decide to left that freature die... so now we (the controller players) can move out to other games... yea im mad about it.
  3. well guys its been a cool run, but sadly without controller support i cant play any more, i have a condition in one of my arms and it hurts badly if i use the keyboard, this was one of the few MMo that use a controller, im hearth-broken, well its BD now T_T, i was waiting for this update so badly... well i hope everyone have a nice gaming experiense, couse mine ends here with B&S
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