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  1. Nowhere on their ads or on the main page of the event is said something about this, making people misunderstand then that if they join before the set date they might be able to get the prize. They ARE using this event's gift pack as bait to new players. Even if this appears on the offer terms, the point is that they are acting in bad faith here, advertising for something as if it was completely free of restrictions when in fact it is not.
  2. Same as everyone else, I clicked on the register button but nothing happened...until now. After all these days waiting to see if it would work, the only day, the only time that it did was to show me this: "Sorry! You are not eligible for this registration event. Only accounts created prior to 10:00am PST on November 15, 2018, that are in good standing, and have a character that is level 10 or higher, are valid for registration. But, you can still unmask the deadly secrets of the Dreamsong Theater and more in Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery on December 5."
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