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  1. They don't need nerf them, they always reduce gold rewards after nerf on the dungeons because some braindead people iq is 0, you just go play minecraft that equal to your iq. Thank you.
  2. This has nothing to do with "killng f2p players" it's a adjustment to the current difficulty of the dungeons. Dungeons get much more easier over time so the reward is adjusted as well so people don't just run all the outdated dungeons because they give lots of gold easy instead of the newer ones. They don't need nerf dungeons and reduce the gold rewards, if someone braindead then go play minecraft.
  3. They go even further, to kill F2P players sadly. - "The gold reward for some of the dungeons' daily quests has been lowered."
  4. Old BT/VT awakened1-3 accessories will can be converted new accessories as awakened 1-3?
  5. On warden only in frenzy stance if you use the "ss" then a skill appear (you can use with "f"), but i can't find this skill in martial tome ("k"), can i get a description of this the skill. what it's do? https://imgur.com/a/Wa1kXpS
  6. Stop crying about nerf warden...all idiot say warden have 2x hp bar, BUT ALL SKILLS COST HP OMG (hp is our focus bar too), i lose my 70-75% hp without getting any dmg in arena, if we dont have the 2nd health bar (shield) we die instant in PVE/PVP...BTW my main is destro and i can kill very very lot of warden in arena or in bg, just you need learn how to play with your class and get good gear...
  7. Bro, you know what they should nerf the bd! With my desto i can kill almost all warden but the bd is a sh*t, it's resist every CC it's resist every dmg, it's fast as a lighthing, spin blocking everything sh*t. And the warden maybe no focus but all skills cost HP bro, their hp bar go down without get dmg...
  8. Today in the 5 hour 15 mins maintenance do u fix F2 guys too (gems/image upload)?
  9. In F2 the 7. & 8. gem is not showing, and can't upload photo.
  10. When we get the full patch notes of tomorrow update?
  11. In the next event can you put back the soul & pet aura for the new players (exchange event items for awakened soul & awakened hongmoon pet aura) please?
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