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  1. It is true, i have been playing bns for 3 years and am still not qualified to run dreamsong and the other dungeon before dreamsong but thanks to the new daily quest i have to run them and the funny part is most of my dmg contribution to the boss is usually below 5% and even 1v1 pvp and 3v3 arena might be deserted since there is no quest or any special reward so its a dead end(for me that is). Over the years bns staffs worked really hard to make it possible for all of us to enjoy it even more in the future, am really moved by their dedication. You must be wondering why i never got powerful enough to do those for 3 years, the reason is that am trying to understand all the classes and see which suites me best for pve and pvp and ended up upgrading on the way. Long story short, am not a complainer and i dont like to do so either cause they have worked really hard to make this enjoyable, few of my problems with bns now is: 1-The gears are getting outrageously higher and faster cause gathering materials in dungeons isnt a day job especially legendary gems(not saying you should increase anything just saying). 2-The main quest is too much, one wont be able to enjoy the story line cause he or she will start thinking at some point to just lvl up fast and start skipping stories, only early players would get to enjoy it and not those who just started(i do know u wont be able to do anything abt it since korean didnt do a thing about it so just stating some flaws. 3-New launcher, like i said its from korea, NC EU wont be able to do anything about changing the or doing anything to compromise the codes or program but for majority of players using a 3rd party cause the new launcher is having one problem and the other which am not going to say it since here its forum, not support.
  2. Downloading loop

    Hey there, i have a downloading loop and have to use bnsbuddy to play bns cause the new launcher wont stop downloading, now a good friend of mine is having same problem but doesn't know how to fix it, he said it downloaded almost 80gb of files but didn't stop downloading, please help fix this.
  3. For some odd reasons i feel like it's starting to get out of hand in terms of upgrades and changes