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  1. Launcher help

    Sometimes when i load up the game i have no issues but alot of times the launcher doesn't launch and i get the error code e01008 and it tells me to restart the launcher. I wrote a ticket and they r telling me to run a program to see my logfile to see any programs r running in background. This is a brand new Windows computer and haven't had any problems with it. So i know it cant be anything wrong on my end. Is there a way to fix this without having to download any thing extra like support is telling me. Even with my old computer i never had this problem.
  2. Side quest

    They did help alot. And some even gave outfits and money. They really need to put them back
  3. Side quest

    Seriously. Why would they remove them. I liked doing them. I dont want to just keep doing the main quest
  4. Side quest

    After the new update came out no side quest show up anymore. I get the daily ones but no other ones. I made sure i had quest checked to show up on the map but still nothing. I made a new character and after i logged out i went back in and then it made me abadon the quest. After that all side quest vanished cant even talk to NCP's who r suppose to give them out cuz i remember some from my other character