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  1. I feel a reminder is in order.... Remember this NC sfot? I remember how many players was that again that were opposed to your anti consumer non since? a good number of them are lost to you forever because you did not learn a lesson. and yes they are all PLAYERS in that picture (i don't think you could even find the NPC because the players blocked them intentionally form being photographed)
  2. Player choice is the Future of the MMO world NC Soft, you will NOT survive compeeting with the open world Sandbox PVP MMO Crowfall, you do however have a good chance at Reviveing Blade&Soul but not if you keep Disrespecting players. I have a few leads lookinh into the matter and some assureing me they will pass the information on to the Jap branch about the players in US not being happy about the constant removal of PVE stuff. That is what started a Player strike in City of Heros so big they madd an Item comerating it. Thats what killed Linage 1 and City of heros when they refused to let free to play players even comunicate with other players. The us side of this company is natorislly Anti Consumer and its sickening.

    If they wanted to streamline the main quest they should just rewrite some of the dialogue for the main questline there is NO reason in hell to remove the subquests. The options that would Impact your chatacter's standing would be more in the Main quest line. As I mentioned before If the Subquests (some of do give players gear) are to be removed because thry are "irrelivant" that means the PVP quests have to go too. However i do not see any issues adding content, my issue is that content has been removed. I hit up some Asian server contacts in the mmo streaming community they are going to look into the asian and amedican versions. Nc Soft is actually a Japaniese compny so this Purge may be the jerks of the US Devidion and if that's true the higher ups in Japan will not be pleased. I am hopeing the fire from this will finnaly teach the jerk responcible for all this lingering Anti PVE mindset in the staff that they can't be that kind of worm without some backlash whipping them for it.
  4. RIP story substance.

    -sigh- why do I miss the smaller ones sorry for typos its not letting me fix it.
  5. RIP story substance.

    So NC Soft has vomitted a cardnal sin towards the PVE community (again...) they removed thr subquests. DO NOT be silent about this, even if you yourself do not do sunquests its no reason to destroy half the story for people who do. Lets get our subs back.
  6. They need to bring back subquests.
  7. Oh they did something far worse to new players.... half the story is GONE.

    @grimoir Im not fully understanding that comment, you do not lkke the story, fair im not saying you need to do the side quests they are optional. But are you also agreeing that they do not deserve to be removed?

    Im not advocating the removal of any PVP aspect, Im not demanding they remove all pvp bassed quests as they are mostly irrrlivant. Where as you are defending the decricration of the games Story to apease some self rightious asumption that no one reads it. Want know what I know that you likely missed. Lusung was first infected with Dark Chi when he went to save his sister from the mines and failed long before his attempts to Steal the Hong moon secrets. Little bits of lore that fill out the story are imbedded in thoes "Irrelivant" quests and the Story is a PVE aspect but I can tell from your demeanor you would rather be an uncultured swine than be humored to know that you help the same Plorg 4-5 times that I have counted to where I'm currently at, the same Porg whos mom you get vital medicine for. They may not be the main story but they certinly enhance it. And SOME PLAYERS LIKE THAT STORY!!!!!! So quit ABUSING us for apprecheating a good story over beating on other players you sorry excuse for a NPC! Oh and for the devs.... an allert has allredy been sent to the asian branch about this. We players who actualy play the game know you changed things you shouldn't have to doctor rateings in the past. Did you honestly think returning players who deactivated to see if you learned a lesson frogot? We havent, and I'm sure the writers will be none to happy to hear you destroyed their story.

    Er hum... Me: "Lets embrace the future of MMO gaming by embracing the players choice, here are some things that can be done NOW to improve the population of the game and bring in new players. best part is these things do not remove already existing items." Pker: "REEE REEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" (I swear it started as a poorly planed joke I didn't think it was actually true) you know I tell people as a joke all the time Pkers Ree worse then the far left when you merely mention adding PVe content to a game intended to be player choice. apparently anything PVE triggers them isn't that why Fortnight is a thing, but that would actually mean you would have to accept equal ground in a PVP fight? so what exactly is wrong with adding content to the game anyway? I actually ASKED quite a few players on both the Cerulean Order and the Crimson legion during peek hours many many players agreed the PVP in BNS is out of control sometimes and it would be nice to let players decide pve when participating in the two main factions. If you had any objections why did you say nothing in faction chat when I asked around IN GAME? another sad fact is PKers don't spend money on games unless its a pay to win aspect and pay to win PVP never lives long they tend to die very quickly as games. it's because pay to win is anti consumer but so long as players Can chose pve or pvp they don't really care so much. @Chara Dreemmur why do you HATE pve?

    This is how players decide NOT to buy premium items or spend money on games anymore if NC Soft cares about its bottom line it would finally wise up quickly or at least do the fans one single favor and pass Blade and Soul onto a more reasonable company to harbor while they die in their own ignorance! Ever since that consumer revolt against games Journalists a few years ago many other companies already learned the truth that when it comes to Games gamer's are not the ilk to be messing with. It's sad and a shame I love the story and if they are going to kill the game I would at least love to make it into a comic or a book, but finding the full story is going to be difficult. it would benefit everyone if NC Soft actually was not oppose to listening without some extreme resume like a walkout or a demand for refund of services (in regards to perineum status) in light of their bad behavior. I can already see the PKers circling so I get a sneaking sniffing suspicion the devs want to eliminate pve form a game that is designed to be player choice that is a bad move. Crowfall is already out on closed beta I believe, unless they already went open early, they are a revolutionary PVP MMO just a few minuets looking on their steam profile confirms they are going to WIPE the competition in the open wold and MMO pvp bracket! Dynamic open world with periodic world wide in server disasters. liner skill progression (no levels, so that newbie stands a good chance of kicking your butt as much as you can pun the guy that was there weeks before you) Player built cities factions and dominions. crafting systems. Crowfall is going to kill the competition without compassion or mercy but with all the pvp games coming out and all the games today being "pvpish" this makes PVE already undeserved a untapped market. The problem is PVErs have no shame about returning to single player dynamics, open world player choice is the future of MMO's. @Chara Dreemmur I'm not against PVPers having their own space I am however Against them intentionally and aggressively removing the space of other players! I am pro player choice as in the player decides rather or not PVP is a thing they experience as part of a game. as it turns out OVER 80% of MMO players agree hence why Player choice is the future. this means I am okay more with a player choosing rather or not the game is PVE or PVP to them. As it stands however most PKers do not agree they rather the Pve everything be removed Including safe zones so they can blockade and terrorize lower level players. so my answer to the non-since you no doubt spouted in opposition to added content no less is this I would not be as "against" them if they were not so keen on removing everything that wasn't PVP about a game!

    As I stated before with Animation studios and other entertainment providers, consult the community of CONSUMERS before going to a consultant. the best consultants are going to come form people who are playing the game not fighting other players. player choice is the future of MMO and Gaming. look at the indie developers on Steam you can learn allot form players who just want a good game to play.

    STOP just stop a minuet and please pay attention for a few. I was going to do a video about it so I could go into further detail as to why mobile porting and PVPing an MMO is a death sentience but it can be summed up as to the consultants today likely as in over 80% got the job off Lewd acts and not merit I'm going to save you form yourself if you will bother to pay attention. First and foremost PVP players are a Minority in the mmo world games that pander to them tend to lose pve players BY REMOVING CONTENT so PLEASE unless you have plain to import better side quests that enhance the lore of the world STOP. just STOP I know it was a PKer that wanted it and I know this because its all pkers do is whine about removing content and its old exhausting and with the new flood of PVP indies coming out BODE very badly for blade and soul regardless of where it goes in the future. because removing content is part of the problem I'm not going to ask you to remove any content. first Optimize the current game overall it could really use it both for the loading and game play aspects. secondly import back some of the things that made the game great to begin with enhance the story line get back in touch with the original lore of the game. Add item augments or evolution for lower level items. make it to where the lower level items can be made into bigger level ones. more quests more areas fill out the game add more lore add more villains bring back some old redeemed villains as daily quest givers. Add PVE attire to the two main factions (both sides were wanting something like this to enhancement player choice aspect) whoever told you to mobile port this game is a IDIOT but it could still be handy use the mobile version to advertise the big version, and unify them so players can gain items and gold for their main players. with the way most busyness advisers for games comics and the entertainment industry as a whole have been there is actual scientific proof their methods are tainted. some are good some do know what they are doing but a good majority of them do not know. They are not in touch with the games or community. Please just consider that some players do look forward to many great side quests and if your going to remove them have plains to add something worth their removal to the game that isn't 100% PVP oriented like your company has a very awful habit of doing. I was hoping to go into further detail in a video but I don't have the time to fix Slobs and plain a video in what I have been given to stop the madness that will kill the game. so i hope you developers take this and think closely about what your community the bigger one you use to have in this game wanted and what you have been ignoring them off spite. you need to stop and think about what your players are doing and why, why do the Pkers want PVe removed when there is a HUGE flood of PVP MMO games soon to come out in January of 2019 so many in fact Pve will be under served! if I was your consultant, I would point that out and have you add more significance to the "non-since" side quests give them a little more weight or have them pedal onward into the story as a fun little side. but I would never advise you remove them not unless you replaced them with something better in the same update. and that IS because of all the indie pvp open worlds due to come out very very soon if they are not out already.