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  1. Warden is Weak

    lol if he cant catch ya he cant use em run for your life
  2. Warden is unbalanced

    from what i understand you*re playing a cha as a Sumoner and you have a hard time against wardens so you think they are unbalanced and has some kind of advantage, if i got that right let me tell you that a sumoner can easly win against a Warden and i know that cuz i played both classes, just by keeping your distance and let the cat keep him busy you can stun him and khd without getting close, and the thing with whiping the cat with one hit isnt true but if you gave the warden the time to cc your cat and complete his combo your cat is done for and so are you. if you want to win with ease you have to know what are you up against and what you should or you shouldnt do, in the Warden*s case if you get close to him even with a large number of enemies he can cc you all knock you up and slam you down with his fell strike combo and without giving you time to recover he will iframe do another combo and thats a whipe for sure but even with all that you can still win easly if you knew that the warden has some lack of aproche and iframe skilles and he*s kinda of slow and dosnt have a parry skills so what he will do every time he faces a ranged enemy, he will keep his guard up and wait for you to get closer so he can iframe once (cant do more) to gain some meters and aproche you with a stun to combo you and know that a warden most of the time gonna cc you before using any combos or regular attacks cuz he has a long casting time and its easy to counter him or parry his attacks, so he will play it on the safe side to win and as long as he*s FACING YOU or LOOKING at you by his great guard up there is only a small chance that you can cc him even do you have ranged stuns or kds and you cant do much damage either so his guard will probably annoys you, to break it you have to get behind him and he*s a kid you no defence, but the only classes that can do that is a Ninja unfortunately for him he has to make contact and thats not something he can win against a Warden and a Sumoner fortunately for him he can let the Warden focus on the cat and get behind him and keep cc him every time he get the chance and that can keep the cat from deying letting him facing the Warden great guard on his own with no hopes of wining, and just one thing remeber to keep your distance from your cat cuz like i said before all a Warden needs is to get you in one place cc you all once and he will do two combos that will whipe you for sure. sorry for writing that much XD, i just hope you find some use in what i said.
  3. Warden is Weak

    if you played diffrent classes then its needless to say that every class has some op sides and some annoying ones so all you have to do is play your cards right, in pve Warden is a badass and fun to play with there is more to say do but lets just skip. in pvp i think the warden is missing a card here and the trial arena can tell you that it*s really a good way to compare between two classes, play some matches using a FM after that use a SF and you will now the differnce, with my newest cha playing as a warden i can say that the class has a good/great advantage in close combat but its a bit slow comapare to what i played before and easy to counter and stun maybe bcs it a hard class to master or like i think its just slow, and about facing ranged fighters you gonna have a hard time for sure if you didnt close the distance since you dont have a ranged kd or stun and you can use your only iframe skill SEVER STEP only once to gain some meters without getting ccd lol. but who cares we all are here to have fun arent we so rock and roll