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  1. This is pretty much just a repost of my message in the reddit patch notes ---------------------------------------------------- Hello, new player here. Despite all the terrible things I've heard about this game, I still decided to give it a try. What got me hooked and keep playing was the story and the lore. I also started to enjoy the PVP so I thought it's worth spending money on the game. In the short amount of time I've played, I've spent 70$+ all on cosmetics, additional character slots, and a sub. I was taking my time enjoying all the quests while doing PVP on the side. It was when I was about to finish the Cinderlands area that the update hit so I didn't really notice the change. But when I arrived at Moonwater Plains, it felt... awkward. All these NPCs that have no purpose, these events happening around you that you can tell are supposed to be a part of something, named areas in the map that are weirdly not explored, and heck there was even an NPC deep inside a cave that served no purpose at all. In spite of all these, I kept forging on. I mean, at least the main story's still interesting right? And then I arrived at Hogshead Pastures. It was beautiful. The scenery literally took my breath away. I just ran around for awhile, stopping every now and then to admire the scenery. I was so excited to explore the area! ...but then it hit me, "Ah. It's gonna be empty like the previous areas." I felt like crying. I finally realized what the awkwardness from the previous areas were. They were lifeless. All these side quests, all these little stories were what gave the areas life. I've completely lost my motivation to play. I've cancelled my sub and stopped buying NCoins. I'm still playing PVP, but I'll most likely move on once my current sub is over. Please, won't you reconsider this decision? There's still another solution to keep new players from thinking that side quests are essential for leveling. Just remove the experience rewards and give us the option to hide the blue quest markers. Please don't take the "Soul" away from "Blade & Soul".
  2. This. And to think that I was persuading my friends that the game isn't actually that bad because the story is good. Now I'm telling them to avoid it.
  3. [NEWS] October 17 Patch Note Preview

    Because they want newer players to get to endgame faster so the whales would have people to play with.
  4. Was this change mentioned anywhere? I don't see it in the patch notes. EDIT: Nevermind, found it. This is just stupid. There wasn't even an explanation why they removed them. I only started playing this game, despite all the warnings people gave me about the end game, because of the lore and story. I also started to enjoy PVP recently so I thought I'd go spend money on this game for the cosmetics. With my main reason to play gone, it's not worth the money anymore. Cancelled my sub and won't be buying NCoins anymore.
  5. Show Off Your Warden

    I wanted to join the Warden bandwagon so I searched the web to see if there's still some keys left for Untold Fury. Found a Shangri-la instead XD
  6. Costumes but no choice

    My only gripe with the Daily special costumes is that it takes me 12hrs to recharge Ncoins every time.
  7. Show off your characters!!

    My Destroyer. Just started playing so don't really know how to take proper screenshots :`)