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  1. 32 bit memory clearing?

    Is there a way to manually clear memory while in game? Game always crashes on 32 bit (I usually run 64 bit but for some odd reason suddenly 64 bit fps is unbearably low). I don't plan on using any third party software (clean player :D ) and I should not have to use third party software like bnsbuddy or even have the thought of something like that...
  2. Two Game Crash and Game FPS Cap Lowers

    even for cpu. only less than 30% on 64 bit and around 40% on 32 bit.
  3. Two Game Crash and Game FPS Cap Lowers

    I have 16 gb of ram. 64 bit worked fine before the two crash. I moved to 32 bit but game just crashes randomly and at worst time possible. For some odd reason 64 bit doesn't use a lot of cpu (less than 20%) and ram memory only up to 2gb. I don't think it used that low before the crash. The gpu (both nvidia and intel integrated) seems to working slightly more than the cpu in 32 bit only and significantly more compared to when I ran 64 bit.
  4. graphics card issues and client?

    so then this shouldn't matter if I choose bin/client. exe vs bin64/client. exe.? Is there a difference?
  5. graphics card issues and client?

    Why is there a difference on my desktop and control panel?
  6. graphics card issues and client?

    Going into bios lets me choose to only use nvidia for blade and soul only? I want only blade and soul to use nvidia and everything else like chrome and such to use integrated intel.
  7. So I am trying to play this game using my gtx1050 in my laptop when I right click on the blade and soul shortcut in my desktop to see which processor its using, it says integrated intel (default). When I try to change to nvidia, it says I don't have privilage? How to change to nvidia graphics card? My nvidia control panel is on client.exe and i selected nvidia graphics. Why is there a difference on my desktop and control panel? Is there difference between bin/client.exe vs bin64/client.exe ? Why do we have both?
  8. Two Game Crash and Game FPS Cap Lowers

    Can you please explain what FTH is? why I should go change (and how? is it the disable log?) Will this negatively affect my laptop? I am new to all this.
  9. I have a xp15 laptop with 1050. I am not sure why but the 1050 in the task manager says it is only using 0 to 10 %. Why doesn't it use at least 40%? Also my game disconnected twice when my wifi shutdown twice. Since then my FPS drop from 50 to 60 fps at low settings and optimize for low end pc and now caps only at 20 fps. Doing raids and dungeon is now impossible with 0-7 fps. Is there a way I can fix this? Maybe something in the nvidia control panel or delete everything and download again? How can I make the cpu and gpu work harding in this laptop for better performance?
  10. Friend List f4 Not Working

    Would you happen to know the location? BnS\content\bns\CookedPC or is it another location? I don't really know what files or what.
  11. Friend List f4 Not Working

    I sent a ticket around 3 months ago about the f4 friend list not working. They only replied that it was an on going problem. I had a large list of friends but f4 still shows 0/0 friends. When I send a friend request it shows up in my f4 as 1/0 for that day only and then goes back to 0/0. Even though I am online the 'once upon at time' friend see me as offline. I can't tell who is online or who is not. Waiting for 3 + months I do find this issue not being fixed quite vexing... Redownloading the game won't fix anything either?
  12. Fast Keyboard on Low end pc = very responsive keyboard?

    I think spending on better pc than a keyboard is a bit better but for now, I don't have a lot of money. Spending 250 is painful. I do enjoy the game a lot but I think even with high end pc there will be problems since I hear that the game is poorly optimized or there is server delay. Maybe with moving to a newer game engine there will be less problem? I don't know much about gaming keyboards and the fine details of components and etc. I just thought there must be some better keyboard (hopefully not crazy $250 but less) or some other solution where I wouldn't have to push down on a key twice as much just for my char to do the cc. So when a keyboard has 0.2 ms response or 30 ms response, that is a good number? wouldn't that response be longer if my ping is in the 140-180 ms range in game with ..... 5 ms screen?
  13. Fast Keyboard on Low end pc = very responsive keyboard?

    So i have 140-180 ms in game. and i don't think i get to much fps spikes and only occasionally get ping spikes like when a lot of people use internet. I ask this question of faster keyboard because in some dungeons like the solo sundering dungeon my e or q or ss does not get read when i click on it or the game seems to respond/react to e/q/ss later. Granted I am using an old office membrane keyboard. That is why i was looking into a faster keyboard. I would like my char to move or cc right when I click on the key... Any suggestion? Perhaps not overpriced items? I mean the huntsman and bloody are nice but are around $250.
  14. Is using a 'fast' optical-mechanical switch keyboard like Razer Huntsman on a lower end pc (like i7 and gtx graphics or i7 and integrated) really fast? Is the response time affected? Or does it depend on the game regardless of the pc specs?