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  1. I was so hyped for this update now I can't even use my warlock main because of this nonsense upgraded moonlit soul bug 😒
  2. As long as Viceroy, Demoniac, and Birthright from that old RNG box aren't made easily available to the public anymore I'm happy. Those outfits costed me an arm and a leg to get and now very rare to see people wearing them as it should be!
  3. Ahahahaha you complain as if they actually care if you are a goodie two shoes or not just spend more money and you might get noticed... It's not our problem anyways you snooze you lose...
  4. I'll just save that gem chest for my next alt whenever that new lightning class comes.
  5. I dont mind this event at all its gonna make me rich since i am a whale im gonna charge noobs 60g to join my party for protection
  6. Considering I am a whale now this is interesting to me I could get rich off this zone from noobs seeking protection I think I'll start a service where noobs pay me 60-80 gold to join my party for protection, omg I'm gonna get so much more richer! "Hunter’s Refuge protection 60 per person" I can't wait for this update I'm getting excited just thinking about it!!!
  7. What's the point of farming from that bosses wheel anyway? All those cosmetics from there look ugly
  8. Streams for us are mostly a waste of time don't bother with them, honestly you are better off getting info from the RU streams they usually drop good info and keep their community up to date with accurate information majority of the time unlike ours...
  9. You said it yourself recently Ncwest team is clueless so yeah pretty pointless to ask and I also agree you should wait for an official announcement
  10. Well if you want proof just message me and I'll give you the players name and you can search them for yourself
  11. Yeah I learned reporting is pointless too, I recently reported a person about 2 weeks ago who had visible genitals in a f2 pic and the gm said they are looking into it.... The person still plays and their f2 pic has not been removed.
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