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  1. I hope gm game should review changes in the game like the following cases: 1, We, as casual player, hope GM can somehow adjust the gold reward from dungeon, with people who don't have much time to play, we're lacking gold for progress gear. Only peoples with many alts or farmer or who can sit for longer have gold for upgrade gear. 2, And MSP is overpower for casual player, without the box, upgrade heart and soul become harder. 3, Also there is a problem with connection, my ping is evey unstable recently
  2. I am also annoyed about the problem of moving the server to Virginia but it has a much better game server in dallas, although the ping is a bit high, there is no longer ping lag as before. Thinking even though they are far away from the current game server.
  3. Looking forward to switching back to 2 servers cali or oregon but if the sv changed to virginia, the ping is too high
  4. I just want the server to go to cali or oregon, but for virginia, the ping is higher than in dallas
  5. Can I ask if I put blade and soul server on aws, then where is the game server located? does ping problem still ping to the Dallas server side or is it ping to the aws server where the player is playing GM? I hope GM give me a little more information, but it's too vague now
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