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  1. Warden???

    Berserkers are known for being 2 handed axe classes in most games and that is already taken by Destroyer which is also a dumb name that makes no sense, then basically a sorcerer or mage that uses fire and ice that is called a Force Master which the class doesn't use anything that uses force and is basically an elementalist so also makes no sense, then a Warlock that is using cards to attack which also makes no sense so I don't see what the problem is. They call things whatever they feel like calling it and pretty much as simple as that.
  2. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Because it's not as simple as copy and paste a class into an archetype it's not made for, when they make a version of a class for a different race there is work that is involved in it as positioning for animations and skill effects and animations that are not position related need to be changed as well as model changes as every class on a race whether that is male or female moves differently and has its own animations, along with other misc stuff. Making Warden for lyn involves more work and delays a class release so they rather put it out and work on that afterwards. If they didn't make all these changes you'd have a Lyn using warden skills that are not scaled right and will not even look like animations coming out from your sword and since Lyn is small these animations would probably even be above the character as well, not to mention you'd have a sword without proper animations and because of that you may not even be holding the sword but it could end up just floating in the air and your Lyn won't have the animations of a Warden so the character would move in ways that don't properly fit with the class. Btw is that video even really a Lyn Warden as in the full video it looks like he holds up a one handed sword that turns into a 2 handed one and the video basically is showcasing new skills, can anyone legit actually confirm it's warden? could just be a new BM stance or skill as skills changing your weapon temporarily is not unheard of in mmo's and the video starts off with a Lyn BM cinematic and the video also shows a summoner making her cat huge and a Warlock summoning some type of new creature so tbh it doesn't look like a class reveal as the video itself is not about that but showing off new skills and cosmetics.
  3. Warden's Fury Giveaway

    Anyone happen to have an extra key? would love that untold fury costume :( I'd greatly appreciate it
  4. Claim your Swordsman Pack & Character Slot Voucher

    Anyone have an extra code for the swordsman pack? would great appreciate it