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  1. PC freezing Asmedia Sata 106x with XignCode

    Thanks for your answer Smo. The truth, I ask because I also uninstalled the controller and next act I restarted my PC, but to my surprise, on restart the operating system started with problems and my hard drive was really slow, as saturated, however, I was trying some possible technical support solutions and it seems that my problem is solved, some program that uses my Asus board is blocking the PC when starting the Xigncode, what I did was disable all the services hiding those of Microsoft and it worked. However, I have to try one by one to find the one of the problem, and then I will answer my post so I can help someone else in the future.
  2. Hi. I'm having a very complicated and frustrating problem. My PC freezes every time I start the game, or rather, when the Xigncode image just appears and I have to restart the PC. I found a temporary solution but not definitive, just disconnecting all my ports sata 3 I could solve my problem, but I can not use my SSD in the corresponding port (SATA 3) since I lose hard drive performance and should not have to stop using them alone by BnS. Is there any method to solve this problem? I await answer, greetings. According to the solution I found I must uninstall the Asmedia sata 106x drivers but that makes me leave those ports useless and I want to be able to use them, not uninstall the drivers of these.
  3. Act IX chap 4 bugged

    Hello people. I have a problem with Chapter 4 of Act IX. When I leave the place where my apprentices were, the attackers do not arrive and nothing happens either, I do not see any of the npc inside the site, My quest was in "read the letter" which was already read. I have left many times I even forgot it for a few days to see if it happened, but nothing changed. Any idea?