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  1. Legends Reborn Event: Patch Notes & Overview

    This has to be one of the most poorly executed type of event you've ever implemented as one half of the event only a small minority can farm sufficiently, as they have full end game gear whilst the large majority don't and don't have the time to. I know I'm not the only one complaining about this as multiple people just coming into the game can't even look forward to getting the cooler things, which is the Lycan Fire Wings. The Mausoleum dungeons are barely doable as to even complete the Burning Mausoleum dungeon you need more than the flimsy "Fleeting Forge" weapon which doesn't replicate the abilities of a Grand Celestial Stage 9 weapon. I understand that this was suppose to be "hard", but don't just make it only playable to the very very few people, it should require more skill, rather than gear but still keeping intact what it means to play a specific class. I hope you are able to fix this growing problem as this only further damages the community.