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  1. I agree you can get all that with your main and then send it to your alt you will spend 2k of gold but the team is worth it and 2k of gold you get in a week farming with a medium equipped main
  2. The big problem is that not many people currently in bg match you with what there is. Secondly, the score in gold silver and bronze depends on the class you play, it is not the same if you play warlock than if you play gunner the ranking depends on the number of players in a certain class you can be gold in warlock if you win 5 games in a row while you need twice as much if you play warden or gunner which is linked to the gear you have in a certain class due to the imbalance there is so complaining does not make sense. BG has been broken for a long time in that aspect it is not the same to hav
  3. Because they are ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ stingy
  4. I get sick of those who say that it is your fault if you do not have scales to climb your ss with the psyches, the problem here is the execution time it will take to maxiarize them is something totally exaggerated and inneserial; you see the little attention that they put to the game itself and that is what bothers what is the intention of putting a team that takes so long to upgrade it is simple that they buy it through the store with cash and after the Whales spend their money after three weeks we lower the cost and say that it was a mistake on our part and that is why we have fixed it is wh
  5. the game has become more boring tedious and castrating with the last patches the amount of materials you need for your team is ridiculous; the cup of fall of the last acc is totally low and unbalanced the fact of completing the 100 runs for an acc it doesn't give you to collect the 250 cores you need to buy it and the other items; heart; talisman; gems The problem is that you have to repeat the same dungeons again and again and again it is very boring and tedious
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