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  1. i heard from kerropi that the upcoming event will be veryhard for normal geared players... as u know the event of turtle wasn't fair for most players imagine only 4-5% of the players in euw only did stage 6... i know u want to give a challenge for high geared players but that's not fair for others at least nerf it last time turtle needed 1.3 mil dps... after awekened and as kero said it will need 1.8 mil dps.... imagine that only few players can enjoy this event... i just want to say don't do the same mistake as the turtle event
  2. hello, i hope you are fine... so i want to suggest to put a new 'awakened soul' as a reward in the next events cause the hongmoon soul is costs so much gold to upgrade it... like this everyone has chance to get good soul and cheaper... Thanks for your attention, have a nice day :)
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