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  1. Act 10

    can you link us to that information about Dowager and her son? Thanks!
  2. Mounts?? Question MARK?!?

    Unlimited Stamina for Windstriding > Mounts
  3. Reward box

    Right click on them to take them out
  4. Little girl in the rain

    @Hanukucan you link us the chapter texs for the current events? Thanks :)
  5. Looking For Guild

    while searching for clan, continue with main story quests to get 55. :)
  6. Battle Royale (equalized pvp) will make their debut into NA/EU soon enough.
  7. No profane weapon for warden??

    follow yellow main quests for weapons, dont focus on other blue quests.
  8. Wall dash problem

    need to buy items to turn in for those quests. read those letters carefully for specific items that Grandpa Cho wants from you.
  9. just bought nc coins and did not recieve them

    did you use cards instead of paypal for those? if so, it take from 24-48hr for it to grant you ncoins. use paypal next time~ :)
  10. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Can you link us to video of summoner and warlock that you mentioned above? We are curious, thanks!
  11. Warden weapons in wheels/dungeon chests?

    follow yellow main quests for that stuff.
  12. In urgent need of help!

    or just clean reinstall your window like i did and it worked.