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  1. 15 - 25 AP Achievements

    These are my hard mode runs before the change. After the update it's the same. If they force me to do NORMAL modes to continue this trip, then let me **** do the hard modes. At least I can get better loot from there. I don't know why NC would force high geared players to switch from hard mode to normal mode. If hard mode already counts as well then I apologize. But not counting my 300 normal runs on each is a bit borderline.
  2. 15 - 25 AP Achievements

    They for sure don't count plus every achievement shows literally the exact amount of my hard modes. Wouldn't make sense anyways, because I am already close to finish it with hard modes and it shows my progress. Why would I need to do the complete 50 normal runs all over again. They would have reset both normal+hard runs Yes, I get it with the 30 Ap achievement, but those below 30 are not working as intended
  3. 15 - 25 AP Achievements

    Why are those achievements 2-3 weeks after the update still not fixed. You guys mentioned to remove the Hard mode runs (which is removed in the text), but it is still counting the Hard mode instead of Normal mode