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  1. Hi, I am so pissed that I need to say this. Can the developer or Game Master or whatever do something to how you lock people out from the raid? I have been hunting for a BT accessory for months and I still didn't get the element I want. Its already very frustrating that this happen to me. You get so ****ing pissed when someone who already cleared parts of the raid decided to hop into the party and enter the raid causing everyone else that go in got locked out from whatever boss he already cleared. Do you know how angry u can get when this happen? Waiting for the entire week just to go for anot
  2. I thought the 95/55 upgrade to brilliant soul/pet was for the soul/pet stage 1 given by the warrior pack?
  3. Hi, I currently have 4 HM Hepta gems, with the upcoming changes, may I know what I should do with them to benefit from the reduction in gem powder required to transmute/upgrade the gems? Appreciate the help and thanks in advance!
  4. Hi guys, thanks a lot for the information! Appreciate it! Helps me a lot! Have a good day and let’s enjoy the event!
  5. Hi, I am curious if anyone know how many upgrade emblem do you need to reach Brilliant Fleeting Fury Soul/Pet Aura from Fleeting Fury Soul/Pet - Stage 1? I couldn’t find it from the news unlike the previous fishing oils event and was hoping if any old players have any information from similar past events. I would like to know because I would like to plan ahead so that I know which to upgrade currently.
  6. If I am already playing bns for 1 month, do I still need to create an account to get the wandering swordsman pack and the free character slot?
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