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  1. Title says it all, i just used the thing and now it did not extend anything and it just wasted it self... now i cant use the box again even if its fixed later...i guess i really got $@^# Now ;/
  2. Is there a place wherei can see the server status ?
  3. Ohh i see i was just confused, like im downloading it i thought the patch is allready here and idid not get the code i was like Q.Q xD
  4. oh is the patch out yet ? cause im downloading it right now 1.0gb or smth
  5. Did anyone get the code or is it not here yet ? cause i cant see anything on my apply code, even though i regesterd before the time limit
  6. the only boss there, like where he blows him self up, i accedintly had a weaker weapon on so the battel drawn out, but the music just made it so much fun, i really REALLY need to know the name of it, i would appreciate it thanks alot
  7. i cant register for some reason i get linked into a page says register now
  8. it says the registration for warden ends at september 7, but when i come to registrate on the link that came to my email, it just links me into a blade and soul empty page withnothing but *play free* please help me so i dont miss out this
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