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  1. The Treasure trove makes playing Three-card Monte in a back alley on a cardboard box sound like a great financial investment program. The drop rates for the desired items are way to low ! It is nothing more than a cash-cow circus designed to bait people in with desirable items that are next to unobtainable. In other words.. its a scam. 600+ keys.. trust me BUYER BEWARE!
  2. Any update on this? This needs to be addressed.
  3. About $200 in keys not a single 3 Star.. yeah that’s not just bad luck.. it’s ridiculous. They need to look into this. Buyer beware!
  4. Channel your inner sense of humor— and find the humor in it. Next thing you know, you will be more entertained and be excited to find the next moron that gets hit square in the feeling about your performance and is compelled to insult you about playing a video game. A video game that they didn’t know how to play once and had to learn like you are doing currently. Enjoy your hobby and laugh. ?
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