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  1. I managed to do all 50 runs in 1 day today (I haven't logged into the game for a few days) so doing it in one day is doable.  I just turned on an audio book and went to town on the boss for a few hours.

  2. It also breaks the tutorial quest where Lusung is supposed to pin you then 1 shot you to put you in a downed state to teach you about recovering your chi.  Last time I made a new alt I had to sit there and wait forever for him to kill me so I could complete the quest because he can't 1 shot you anymore with unity levels.

  3. You shouldn't be putting any points in defense at all as a PvE warden.  Your resilience and resilience regen abilities are insane and will keep you topped up with little effort.  You should be putting everything into attack and if you have spare throw it into HM focus.  You can put some points in threat if you need to tank for ppl with end game gear.

  4. KR already announced its Jin and Yun like a week or 2 ago.  Was same time they gave the big rundown of what their skills are going to be like.  This is how we know they will have Alpha Call and have side step dodges instead of backward/forward moving dodges.

  5. You no longer unlock enhancements for specific skills by using the hongmoon skill books/pellet and offals.  Now you just get a pool of points you can spend to enhance the damage of specific skills.  You get 5 points just for hitting 60 and 10 more if you collect all the hongmoon skills.  When you go into your skill window you can click on some of your skills and you'll see an up or down arrow on it as well as a 0/5 displayed.  Click the up arrow to spend points on it and the down arrow to remove points.  Also note that you have to go into your achievements to claim the points once you earn them before they'll show up in your skill tab for use.

  6. It's actually more widely accepted that orb user only gets Kaari loot.  I rarely ever run in to someone who expects Frostmane's loot on top of Kaari's for their orb.  I'd say maybe 1 in 10 runs the person wants both?  Pretty sure the only ppl spouting that it's "widely accepted" that orb user gets both belong to the minority who expect to get both out of greed.

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  7. Actually Limitless is better than Legacy by a fair margin.  It gives you a bigger DPS boost in 3 different ways.  First off you still get more leach uptime since it lets you cast wingstorm more often and shadow warlock gets 4 seconds off their leach cooldown per wingstorm if all 3 ticks of it hit.  Second is the wingstorms themselves since your VT mystic badge boosts the damage of the first hit of wingstorm by a fair amount.  Third is the 5% crit damage buff the badge applies on top of the wingstorm CD you get from it.

  8. On 3/8/2019 at 5:05 AM, Deadly Intent said:

    Your friend is setting you up for a fall, lol.  All melee classes need to know the boss rotations since they will be in close contact with the boss and it's generally pretty unhealthy being that close unless you know what he is going to do.  But the tank does more than just whacking on the boss.  He might also need to orientate him or move him to a specific place to make it easier for the rest of the team to fight him.  If you have aggro it fall upon you to do this.  It's less important in the lower dgns but becomes vital the higher up you go.

    He's actually not setting him up to fail.  I main warden and I tank everything up to DST without knowing the boss rotations just fine(and by just fine I mean I keep the boss still and keep it facing the same direction like a good tank should).  You only need to know when a required CC is incoming because blade ward let's you ignore all the boss's CCs.

  9. 43 minutes ago, JoannaRamira said:

    anyway, i dont see anything wrong about merge. think it's just natural. We started with 8 servers in NA, down to 2 and so on. Hopefully when ET released we will have the great Jiangshu server 

    I think it should be named the Jonathan Lien server.

  10. Gonna have to disagree.  I run into way more Yura players in F8 than Zulia players and I play during the NA afternoon/evening prime time when most ppl are on.  To top that off I know too many people who transferred to Yura because Zulia has a well known bad rap for toxic players.


    I was originally from Mushin which is 1 of the servers that got merged into Zulia and I can attest to the fact that Yura doesn't feel any more dead or inactive than Zulia in the time since I've swapped servers.

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