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  1. I'm only fluent in Mandarin so I can only tell you about Chinese characters. The correct character for attractive is "mei" (美). And "jin" is the character for "gold", not "jewel". "Jewel" is actually "bao" (宝). It can also mean precious, treasure and baby. Just depends on the context.
  2. we should create a thread for all those who didnt make it to finalists to show off all the hard work ncsoft has rejected!
  3. i honestly made me mad. the fact that they just decided to forget about their own rules they set out for the contest and just do whatever. it honestly sucks because it just makes it harder for other people to have a chance at placing at all
  4. Hi, I was planning on entering this year's costume contest but I had a question about eligibility. I'm located in Australia and was wondering will my entry be disqualified because I don't live in the listed countries/states in your contest rules? I may be reading the rules incorrectly so I just wanted to double check. Thanks!
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