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  1. will my skills be clickable with ue4 or do i still need to press them 5 times sometimes till they work?
  2. At the moment its almost impossible to participate in the "Mythical Stone Splendor Upgrade Event". After taking away the Etherial Vials from daily rewards and not offering them in f10 anymore the prices skyrocked to a all time high of 550g/etherial vial yesterday. there are only 3 ways left to recive them -buying from other players or f5 . with this method people need 2,2275 million gold to get these not even maxed unity stone and another 2,2275million gold to max them out. i think not a single player has that amount gold atm -farming them from dungeon. lets say the 6 bes
  3. Per seasion. Except when u are over 1600 at the end of the last seasion. Then u dont have them
  4. The first 10 matches that u do are deciding Games. There u get more points
  5. if the costs to stage 6 will change to 80 without reverting the already made weapons its the most unfair solution because it will be hard for players who havent upgraded yet to keep up with the other players that already upgraded. if you revert the weapons of all players, give back all materials and then change the costs to 80, people are against it who already upgraded and feel fooled because they need to pay more than before if u increase the cost of stage 6-9 by 55 instead of adding it to stage 6 i think it would be ok or if you keep it like it is with 25 for stage 6
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