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  1. I agree. Make that as a skin or something would be nice. Maybe have it able to switch to different colors too and not just pink.
  2. How come this game doesn’t do auto loot function? I think it would be helpful to auto loot when soloing monsters. Especially in Basin farming for peaches. Other ncsoft games, they have that function. Just a thought.
  3. Request moonstone events!! or let’s us buy scroll for F13 mushin tower.
  4. Totally agree. Maybe make an event just like the current one, collect tokens and exchange a big bundle of moonstones. Can be like 100 moonstone bundle if we farm the event for like a week or so. I ran 200 naksun and I got no 10 moonstones bundle. Also the floor 13 scroll barely drop for me and going back to floor 9-12 was not that fun. If we have to farm naksun for 4-6k moonstones for our equipment, at least made the scroll purchaseable or increase the drop rate of naksun.
  5. I lost 3 items through this events. It's really not fun. 1 divine grace stones and 2 oils. One of them I lagged out and got disconnected.
  6. Farming materials is really hard not going to lie. Just spend money in this game, you will get there in no time.
  7. I agree, silver scale are too hard to get and the fragment takes awhile.
  8. i lost a oil today because of lag and my screen freeze. As soon I was able to move, my item is gone. What's with this 5 second rule anyway?
  9. Fishing Hooks. Wonderful events but the 5 second rule sucks. Lost a Divine Grace Stone, and 2 oils. 1st try: I was reading the message that tells me to bind the item and it disappeared 2nd try: i accidently hit u instead of y, and it disappeared/ 3rd try: I got lag and dced. My luck is so bad!
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