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  1. Can you even make gunners more weak ???

    @Illol its pretty pointless to argue with those people because they did never play gunner and they are happy about any class being nerfed as long it isnt their. From what I know Grimor play BD as main... so there is no point to talk with him to begin with since he obviously is biased because its a fact that gunner is utter ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ yet he still tries to prove you wrong while using boosters as example. I main gunner for pve but for pvp I play with my other toons and whenever I am matched against a gunner its a free win and if someone is losing against a gunner there are 2 possibilities: - Gunner totaly outskill you in terms of arena understanding you are not really good in pvp to begin with or you just came there to make your daily because there was a bad roll of daily! - You did have ping over 300 As for BG... gunner is utter garbage right now after nerf of Piercing on badge you pretty much cant do any dmg to anyone for more than 20 sec of first encounter...unless someone from your party manage to air the enemy but sadly some classes still manage to resist your air combo or just heal themself to full after they land on ground because gunner cant kill you in 1 air combo with equal gear. if enemy team has at least 1 Fm you are pretty much ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed...same as when you are fighting against summoner...all you can do is run away and let him take the spot because not a single gunner skills can hit in their projectile resist and they have it up nearly all the time. The only class that gunner can fight on equal guard is another gunner...hilarious but true. As for that Nodah (Wallet Warrior) video...its a old video before gunner was nerfed to the what you see in this video is impossible to do right now because all you will see nowon enemy is "resist" for first 20 sec of fight as a gunner and on top of it he is matched against no gear people which is clear and obvious to anyone with half brain.