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  1. I recently downloaded the new launcher ''NC 2'' and when I try to start the game it says ''Failed to connect to server. SystemErr- (200: Account Authentication Failure). I'm in EU and my friend is also in EU but he can connect without a problem. I looked for solutions to this problem and I found one, but I couldn't really understand it (I'm kinda a dumb person). The solution is the one in the ''account support'' page. As I said I'm kinda dumb and didn't really understand it, and I wanted to see if nay of you have had the same problem, and if you fixed it, could you try and tell my how you did
  2. Thank you all for the information you have given me. I hope you have a great day and thank you again.
  3. Could anyone please tell me how do I get prestige points? I have seen that all faction npc's have(at least I think it is) a prestige points right next to their name. I am lvl 55 HM9 and I have farmed alot of faction npcs and my rank is Private first class. Do I need a higher rank or something or are there some kind of events were you can earn prestige points?
  4. Ow okay then thank you every much. Have a great day. And thx gain.
  5. So me and my friend decided to farm the Getting the Axe dungeon since when we first cleared it we got some nice items. I got weapons for the Blade dancer/master, Summoner,Kung Fu Master ect. But not even one for the Assasin. Then we decided to go and farm the Socrpion miniboss i think his name was Pincher or something like that. Nothing, again I know we are still at the start of the game but I just wanted to know if Assasin weapons are more rare? Or if I just have really, really ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ luck.
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