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  1. Thanks for the reply! With PVP for gold gain you mean the arena dailys then i suppose or? Because, i don't mind trying but i do know im not the best with it... 😅 You mean ? 100 specific dungeon runs? or and i see that sounds do-able yea... probably i saw you also get some catch-ups with the main quest now, so i will do those first, and then see how far i can get. Im more PVE anyway, but thats sad pvp died so hard, tho because you said i needed to do pvp aswell for a better gold gain? or maybe you ment the faction pvp dailys? (or
  2. Hey, I've got a few questions about the game. I used to play when the game just came out, and back then i played alot. Due to a study i did where I had really bad internet I stopped playing for a year. In that year alot ingame changed. Which was hard to keep up with. I've played a few times after that like when the warlock and archer came out, but due to real life stuff and other games I played, I also quickly left the game. (And that some items were really hard to get) Now i do still love the game and i think its really cool, but I don't know if its worth coming back to play? L
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