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  1. I don't think it was global cooldown, because the iframe skill was ready and up. As for the instant kill, it was after Hong's laser beam phase. Based on what @Amarathielsays, latency is indeed the problem. This reminded me of Mushin Tower 20 floor in the old days, when I got hit every time the boss jumped because of ping spikes. Guess that's RIP for me then. My only motivation to attempt CoS and Den of Ancients is to get the outfits. Wish they make those outfits available elsewhere outside of the dungeons.
  2. Returning player here. I just finished my c2a chests, and thought to try the solo dungeons. I did my homework, watched the guides before going for CoS, but still got stuck at Master Hong. Most of the time when I tried to iframe his attacks, I saw on the screen that my iframe skill got spammed a few times, but my character just kept dps until she got hit. To actually iframe in time, I had to stop and wait like half a second before the moment came. It also happened that during Master Hong's mech phase, if I cc him from too far away, say 7m+, even though Hong was cced (the cc bar being
  3. Just wondering if it's only me. Before the latest update, the 4th boss in Outlaw Island, Juna, can be grabbed by FM's phantom grip, when she fires the flares. After the update, my FM can't grab her anymore. Did NC change that in the patch, or it's just me missing something? It's not a big deal, and I can still kill her without problems. But then, isn't it nice to barbecue a boss on fire?
  4. Does anyone have the experience that your character steps right past the boss' attack area, and still gets hit, or does not respond to your Q/E even though you are not doing dps or anything but just moving around or standing right there? I have been having this problem since I started playing this game. Back then the ping was around 200 ms, so it seemed normal. But now even though I have around 140 to 180 ms, the problem persists. Any idea or advice on what to do to fix this? Thanks
  5. Just wondering, are there still people doing MSP at all these days? The place looks completely deserted. Is anyone interested in doing MSP for the After Midnight outfit? It requires unlocking "Tortoise Rigor Mortis", which is defeating stage 5 Longgui.
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