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  1. True! For instance I only see 3 costumes on that pole list that people actually wanted & the rest are like base costume recolors lol Idk when they're gonna realize most people care a lot about cosmetics/character appearance/costume collecting in mmos & just want the chance to obtain stuff they actually want, its like free money...hello?? just put it in the shop?? What do they actually lose from mass rotating costumes/accessories instead of leaving the same old ones in there for centuries .
  2. Outfits in f10

    im also gutted that i missed high propriety, budding curiosity, & viceroy but the way things are looking they just hit the randomize button when they choose what costumes to add in f10 :( i remember asking for joyful jaunt a year ago when i left so here's to possibly next year guys!
  3. Outfits in f10

    spare summer sea, detention, red raider, joyful jaunt head adornment, kitsune & viceroy ma'am? :(
  4. Don't want to come across as ungrateful either but I too feel like the current selection is pretty underwhelming & probably not giving anyone the feeling of being excited to get to stage 10 cause there's so many good ones to choose from. I personally would like to see the studious costume with the joyful head adornment we never got or the red raider set. Since it's not in everyones tastes I think the ticket sounds kinda neat or giving a broader selection especially with popular costumes that have only been available once or something. Also the weapon box idea sounds great, it would be cool to see weapons you can only get from a certain time of year in them.