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  1. As a bystander, I would primarily advise you to order data collected from your account from NCSOFT Customer Service. You will then contact the Consumer Protection Adviser in your country. Residents of the EU can also complain about the company's activities to the ECC. After that, if you have used the VISA payment method, you can contact your bank, where you will be advised more about the complaint procedure. Lastly, I would urge you all to consider taking a class action against the company if there is no comprehensive solution to the legal norms.
  2. It occurred to me that this game is quite different from many of the other MMO games I've played due to its events. In most of the games I play, participation in events is not based on, for example, the age of the player account or the strength of the characters. In general, in-game events are meant to bring a whole gamer community together have fun, regardless of the value of the accounts. Sometimes events are also seen as expanding the game lore and enabling new or old achievements. Some of the mobile games I've played offer these types of events such as this ongoing event, b
  3. Looks nice! In fact, I experience the current UI as being very clumsy and its customisability is very limited and robust. Additional functionality for customisability would be more than welcome.
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