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  1. FM Lightning Spec - Power Play Talent

    Commenting for more attention to this huge bug.
  2. Basically, watching Keroppi's new video where he discusses a few topics made me think about one of them he raised which was "how can we reward players or incentivise hardmode dungeon" So my thought process were as follows; Why do I run hardmode dungeons with my static group? - Better drops (?) Question marked this is, on average, I do see more onyx scales comparatively to normal mode, outfits are definitely a bonus. - PSYCHES, pretty much the governing reason why my static runs hardmode over normal mode. - Its fun(?) I mean, yeah we end up doing some mechanics, kinda keeps things interesting rather than the dps fiesta for normal mode. Kero suggested that hardmode give more gold than normal, I don't entirely agree with this as it'll end up making f8 MORE like f8, which we don't want and I can see "the rich get richer and the poor stay poor". I mean its not entirely bad, but I think what I'm about to propose might be a decent solution. So, what I propose is that similar to challenge mode, we create a 'team' in f8. The reason for this is because I don't see a way around it if we don't you'll see why later. This team is basically your static of however many players you want. You then select the hardmode dungeon you want to farm and complete it as normal, the catch is, upon each completion the runs we be tallied up for the team, each consecutive run will have bonus drop rates on all/certain items for the TEAM. See now, that's why I said team, if it was individuals you could see how this would be abused or bug exploited. When the group disbands the counter is removed. For example. We running 6 man Brood Chamber Hardmode First run - Normal Drop rate %s Second run - Increase by 1% Third run - Increase by 2% Fourth - Increase by 3% Fifth - Increase by 4% So and and so forth. OBVIOUSLY you would cap it at lets say 20 or 25 runs and the max increase % would be around 15-20%. So every other run after X runs is just 25%. Look, these are rough numbers but thats kind of the idea I'm thinking that would greatly encourage players to do Hardmode. What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to add on top of this idea, or just bash me about how stupid it is. Cheers, Hellfeather
  3. Suggestion: Bonus drop rate for 'team' Hardmode Runs

    Why do you not look at it like this, why do players not attempt to learn the hard mode mechanics? Is it because simply its too "hard" or is it because the time and effort a casual player needs to put in do not equal the rewards thats given. Or is it simply that you have players that are just casual and do not want to learn. The solution I am trying to implement is not to only reward players that can clear the dungeon, but entice players that would not do hardmode to learn and clear. There is absolutely no point rewarding players for just participating, because it would just encourage laziness "oh I tried, we got it to 80% meh, still get some reward for that" we want to encourage the community to actually learn and clear the dungeon AND get good at it. Now, since my reply is like one month due, alot of things have changed, everything got dumbed down anyway but I'd still like to see something of the likes implemented which would encourage more activity across the board especially in f8. We can't avoid the segregation between the rich and the poor, like in real life, there is always going to be "rich and poor" but what we can do is band both of them together, where in some unique cases we all help each other out. And yeah, if you get one guy that is just leeching and not helping out you can always kick him before entering the instance.
  4. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/dungeon-speed-run-event/ You have another chance this coming week, but for sure the rewards will not be as good. ???? Overall, a very good event, a few mishaps here and there with the categories and grouping which have obviously been highlighted. Yeah the rewards were definitely incorrectly applied. Everyone got a bunch, of rewards, even for a casual player like me (I am able to clear the hardmode stuff) who logs in for dailies was able to achieve what would have been 40x soulstones 40x sacred crystals (instead it was 20x bundles so I got 800 of each). No complaints here, for the minimal effort and time one put in, even with the proposed CORRECT rewards, it still would have been really nice.
  5. Suggestion: Bonus drop rate for 'team' Hardmode Runs

    I don't understand how this got to a "lets rant and hate on f8" thread*. I've put forward an idea that would hopefully make doing hardmode run's more appealing for the entire community. I'd like some feedback on it, this wasn't an opportunity to rant on about f8. What I meant by my "f8 more like f8" was the rediculous AP and gear requirements that players tend to ask for, which in turn makes the game less desireable for new players. Thanks for the feedback, I think players currently have to run the same dungeon(s) now anyway for certain drops (Drowning deeps for bracelet, Warped citadel for belt). Its something we can't avoid, but the idea was to entice players to run hardmode for the bonus drop rates, hopefully also learn some dungeon mechanics along the way.