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  1. I wrote this topic because of an issue which has been built up from the time WD release in 2019. Yes, it is about Time Distortion, the only buff skill that WL has. I'm main WL. In the past, I usually don't mind changing between TD and SB whenever there are 2 WL or 1 WD. However, I wouldn't do it if I feel tired from a long day. So the problem begins, people keep messaging me at parties to ask for TD whenever they please. If I don't do it, they will whisper to me for bad-mouthing and insult my personal life, my family. They will use a ton of excuses like "you are a buff
  2. Seems like we have a topic about WL so I would like to share what I found recently. In Scourge build, when we use Simple mode, there is a bug that displays Dimensional Volley on LMB and let us cast it within Soul burn stage instead of Awaken Volly sometimes in rotation (the faster you use LMB, the more it will appear). It applies to Leech also which displays Dimensional Salvo. Dragon Helix has the same risk. https://imgur.com/5xvgVQ5 This is the demo video: I hope it will be fixed soon since it happens to be a DPS loss for WL. Thank you.
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