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  1. NC Launcher 2 is a joke

    I uninstalled it and reinstalled it 3 times it doesn't work i just login and then nothing happens it just closes not even in task manager Sometimes it opens and when I click Start Game or any button in this dead launcher it just closes again and nothing happens. Fix this joke.
  2. NC Launcher 2 not updating

    First I checked if it's completely installed and I found that "NC Launcher" and "Blade & Soul Launcher Bundle" are not found in installed programs on Windows 10. Only "NC Launcher 2" and "NCSOFT Game Launcher" And when I run the launcher and click start game it gives me a 1gb update and always stuck on 4%
  3. Which means no login rewards. This is kinda ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up Time to make new account?
  4. Storage space.. again

    Thank youuu
  5. Storage space.. again

    What to keep, what I can craft! and what to throw