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  1. Bug Summary: Galaxy Wings static and not moving like Steel Seraph/Iron Wings Reproduction steps: just equip Galaxy Wings and Steel Seraph Wings for comparison Attachments: Galaxy Wings: Steel Seraph Wings: Galaxy Wings from the revival pack preview page:
  2. Bug Summary: Howl of the Hound quest cannot be finished Reproduction steps: 1. Just did the three hard mode dungeons top to bottom. Quest turns into 'read the letter for details' 2. Attachment:
  3. As the topic states, the Lunar Twilight Flowers purchased from this trove are antique for some reason. Is this intentional?
  4. #23627369 ticket ID, I suspect that they won't reply at all anymore. @Hime But yes, if they actually want to deny me my outfit, I want to see proof that there are no logs of me completing the Astro challenge.
  5. The daily challenges I did even were in a week... 19th, 20th, 21st of October, last I checked my damn calendar that is within that same effing week. Their 'logs' say I only completed the challenge once, irrelevant of the week. Something does NOT add up.
  6. What an absolute ****show NCSoft. Support being unhelpful, their 'logs' etc etc. don't quite add up. EDIT: I asked them for the logs of my character they checked because if I dropped 50 euro on this damn game for that damn outfit, I want to see PROOF that I did NOT do the damn thing before I'll rest. And if their 'logs' show that I only did it one time, I'll just never drop another single cent into this game ever again.
  7. Another show at the incompetence of NCSoft player support? IDK. I replied asking for clarification on that confusion of a reply, let's hope for updates.
  8. I am beyond confused. I provided proof I did the challenges... Support's statement is complete confusion because... apparently I did the challenge but I didn't? What the F are they even talking about?????? @PhoenixMitra any clues?
  9. Same, even dropped a bunch of cash on lv60 boost because I couldn't level my Astromancer in time, just to get that damn outfit. If NC support tells me that it's all wasted now, I'll be really mad. For me, they told me that I completed the daily challenge once out of 3 times. I'm so confused. Made this support ticket post, let's hope they reply favorably.
  10. I completed the Astro challenge today (wednesday, 21st Oct 2020) -> 3 daily challenges 3 times on my astromancer, didn't get the skybright outfit in my mailbox. Is anyone else having this issue?
  11. 3k gold, 15 chromatic thread, along with other things, just gone because NC decided to mess with dumb scripts like that... bought Rosethorn about 3 months ago off F5, used all my savings in gold I had at the time... and now, it's gone.
  12. Just wanted to know what (race? class? spec?) determines the BASE AP of characters. A lyn gunner in my clan has about 40 more base AP than me even though we had the same HM points and level. My gunner (yun) has 479 base AP whilst the other person's (lyn) gunner has 511. both have 81pts in offense, 15pts in HM focus and are HM19 lv. I'm infinitely confused.
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