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  1. Guys, we can farm gold with this new event? (bosses drop or something)? I never tried the event yet. If yes, can you give me a guide pls? Thank you.
  2. Yes, you can buy 1x arena or if u lucky and get 5x solar energy on a day then u can buy 1x bg key...omg. It's a big nerf!
  3. So, before they changed the "dragon certificates" and the "sparkling whirlwind keys" to arena/bg keys, i got everyday about 12x dragon certificates and 2-3x sparkling whirlwind keys from the daily dungeons (Naryu Sanctum -> Sandstorm Temple) what was 250-300 pure gold about (changed to soulstones+moonstones), now i get from these all daily dungeons 2x arena keys and 0x bg key (what is normal! not unlucky thing!). AND these about 20-30 gold (oh sorry we can get now more 2x arena keys from the daily pvp quests that is more 20-30 gold (changed to soulstones), and we can get now 1x bg key from
  4. Yura's hair when will be avaiable in the hongmoon store?
  5. 1. It's very simple. Firstly get 1k+ AP then every day do the daily quests from IF->HH, later when you get 1.1+ AP then from IF->ST, from these daily quests you will get 50-60 gold about and boxes (very important), from the boxes you will get "Dragon Certificates" and "Sparking Whirlwind Keys". So now you need farm zen beans for the "Dragon Certificates" and battle points for the "Sparking Whirlwind Keys" (on a day you will get about 10x "DC" and 2x "SWK"...so you need farm about 7000x zen beans for the "DC" and 2000x battle points for the "SWK"...it's not hard, you can do easly every da
  6. F2 is still bugged, char page of lot of ppl(!) show nothing.
  7. Hello, The twitter feed text on the site is very annoying (it's gray) hard to read it, please change back the text color to white. https://kepkuldes.com/images/d77995e2e445a1e184fd391b1805b467.jpg
  8. Hello, Battleground is bugged? I can't find party in 20 mins all days, before update it was okey.
  9. Hello, I completed the new windwalk quest and my stamina is still 30000 not 40000, is this a bug again?
  10. Hello, I wanna suggest a thing, put a possibility in the launcher option for close the launcher when the game is started, it's annoying (close manually always) and it's more 1 process for the PC. Thank you.
  11. Hello, In the "Wandering Swordsman Pack" we will get a "Fleeting Fury Soul" what is this, it's better than my stage 9 soul? Thank you.
  12. Hello, My clan is no have clan bonus (50% battle exp, peach etc) if i go to other clan (what have bonus) i will get the bonus when i join, or i need wait 7 days? Thank you.
  13. Hello, Guys which mystic & soul badges need for earth summoner, atm i have BT gear and which need later in VT gear? Thank you.
  14. Hello, Guys which mystic & soul badges need for earth summoner, atm i have BT gear and which need later in VT gear? Thank you.
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