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  1. Well, I'm just wondering if the Christmas outfits are very nice and I wanted to know if they would get one for the F2P players as a gift for this Christmas, just that and happy Christmas and Happy New Year in case something happens to me
  2. Client side infos and ping

    Well, we have low fps because the game is poorly optimized this super clear I with a powerful PC I caused wagons of 180 FPS at 20FPS in microseconds, that the game administrators or their support want to do something it is clear that they do not want to do This game has been going on for a while now and they do nothing to improve the problem of the FPS and the lagg that the game has. Now it sounds like something toxic but the one who said that the game like this, is even for all is because it does not know anything. if you have a player who plays with 200 or more MS you can never do the same damage, dodge attack or move like the one who is 30 or 60, knows why because this game is a REACTION your damage increases if you do not have an MS high and that the whole server knows. In pvp is where this is more noticeable and believe me it shows a lot and if you tell me that the game has implemented a program for that, well I'll tell you that does not work and I can prove it to any latin who played with more than 200 MS in the I also play this if it only served for some skill so it's not a solution, it's just wanting to cover the sun with a finger. In addition, having high MS in the game causes more large FPS wagons, in addition it affects the player directly because with more ping only one class and one branch of power can play because no clan wants to take a guy who has 200 to 250 of them. MS since a player with 100 MS with the same team will be doing double the damage and this information is not that I take it out of myself, but it is in forums with videos and thousands of people commenting on the same problem. Now tell me you think that this company is interested in this game when instead of updating and optimizing the game they take out one for mobile and if you tell me but it is another company because it is not all the same thing the same sow but in another corral. so do not expect anything from this company or game because they kill the player who is F2P and the player who pays for it is the same because for more than I spend 20 thousand dollars in this game the game will not change nothing will improve and one more that nothing invests to see changes see improvements that are expected but do not arrive. Well that's what I've seen in these years of play. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  3. Hello People I wanted to know if it was me alone or everyone is touching that the server is very bad lately I notice that it hangs a lot that gives me very high peaks of Ms, this could be me or is in general thanks a big hello