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  1. ...Here is what I managed to do today to finish Koldrak after it froze at the 12:00 run and kicked me out as well. I was able to re-enter the 3:00 Koldrak run. As an experiment, I kept my movements to a minimum and did not fire a shot, and it still froze up anyway. I went about my business in my home, ignoring the game, keeping the dungeon active. About 20 minutes later, it unfroze with the run completed. I got my rewards and my 5th daily credit as well.

    ...I had experimented about a month earlier with this freeze/unfreeze action, as it had happened before UE4, but, with UE4, it also kicked me out, which had not happened before UE4. I was unable to enter the same Koldrak run, in either case, and had to wait 3 hours until the next.

    ...So, if you get frozen up, be patient and it may still unlock for you. If it does while you are still in the dungeon, you're good. Takes about 20 minutes(for me). But, if it kicks you out, then, if there is still a chance of completing  Koldrak, if there is still a later run that you can enter.

    ...My advice, if it has happened to you, or does happen, is to enter the earliest run you can, to allow for re-entering a later run, and you might still get your credit for completion.

  2. ...The Koldrak's Lair has, under UE4 become unplayable. It freezes up if I attack, and stays frozen for 20 minutes. Before today, it would then unfreeze and I could still collect my reward, but today, it kicked me out and it registers complete but no credit, so now I cannot reenter the dungeon and finish my daily run.

    ..Since the daily runs are now so cut in the total number of possible dungeon runs, it really leaves me with no options to advance.

    ...KL was bad enough before UE4, but it worked. Now all I can say is FIX it, or at least give me and other players who might be having similar issues more daily run options so we can have fun and get our daily rewards... Remember FUN???? I do. Its what I was having before the Daily runs were cut in number and before UE4 came along and ruined my gaming experience here, and especially in KL.

    ...Before the current UE4 update, I was doing 7 to 10 daily runs. Now, I am lucky to get 5. Today, it will be only 4. Thanks for naught.

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  3. ...Before the UE4 update I had 3 (once current) dungeons I could solo easily, and that was from lvl 17 on. I worked hard to get to lvl 23, and improve my equipment and weapons. Now those 3 are much harder, and  I get wiped out in one of them, but only because I run out of time. The "TOTAL DEATH" time limit is a joke. Why should the devs (DEVilopers ) care if it takes me longer to complete a dungeon solo, or in a party.? The boss cannot kill me(or us in a party) in fair combat, but its like, oh, I (we) died just because. Don't treat me like I'm trash and my hard work means nothing. If you're going to make the bosses stronger, then we should get a similar growth ratio, base on our previous player to boss status. Or at least post a storyline  explanation as to why our world has evolved, but we as players in that same world have not. Respect the players and the world you have created that we play in.


    ...As it is now, I worked hard to get where I am now, and it was all for nothing, as, the Devilopers) apparently could care less about players having fun for a few hours a day. Before, I was doing 7 to 10 daily runs (3 solo), now, I'm lucky to do 5 (2 solo-1 taking twice as long now). It really kinda takes the wind out of your sails when you reach plateau after plateau, only for it all to mean nothing.


    ...As for longed for UE4 update, its messed up in a few ways. I cannot change the graphics mode in game, and the fonts in many areas (which cannot be changed save in a few like the dungeon lobby) are soooooo small you'd need the Hubble telescope to see them. Trying to get the cursor over a minute treasure box reward trigger is hard on the eyes at best. And the input pin number box to start the game is now the size of a postage stamp... The triggers which used ti=o be clear,large and colorful are now teeny tiny small, dull and monochrome.


    ...Also, my player pictures are gone from my player screen, and although retake and re--register them, they stay blank. Graphically, parts of my character and bright and vivid, while other parts are dull and without detail. Consistency would be nice. My weapon, which I changed the image on for instance, was bright, colorful and flashy after that image change, and now its dull and no longer glows with electrical energy like it did before UE4.


    ...There's more but that's enough for now. Hope that things get better soon, and that the DEVilopers) get their act together and stop trying to (apparently) ruin an otherwise great game.... Comment as you will, but, my purpose here is to post my experiences for whatever good they may do. 'Nuff said...

  4. ...First, let me say that the recent Square Gem giveaway was a very generous gesture on behalf of BNS... However...

    ...As someone who had just spent a lot of my hard earned money to purchase the Hongmoon Square Gems just a couple of months previously, it proved very frustrating. Having to sell off the ordinaries for a handful of coppers and only being able to even salvage the square diamond didn't improve my mood towards BNS. What was really funny to me was, right after this giveaway, they offered the Hongmoon Square Gem Scrolls again for sale! This is really poor business practice.

    ...I could have spent my NC Coin on other gear to improve my stats, and still have the Square Gems... Man, that's harsh...

    ...What they should have done is offer the Hongmoon Hexagonal Gems for sale right after the Square Gem Giveaway.... Who is going to by the Hongmoon Square Gems(Scrolls) when they already have the ordinary Square Gems, which have the same stats?  Unless they are looking to finish off what they need to evolve gems, it makes no sense.

    ...I feel more than a bit ripped off. I have gone Premium many times, and bought my share of NC coin, both to support my character, whom I love, and a game that I like a lot, despite its many ..er, quirks, lets say.

    ...It makes me extremely leery of buying anything else, ever. Why should I, when they might give it away a month or two later?

    ...So, my personal decision is to stop supporting the game. I won't go premium again, unless its free. I won't purchase anymore NC Coin. I have a bit saved up, and will hoard it until the right moment...

    ...After watching all of my friends quit the game the last couple of years for various reasons, (The killing of our young students was a harsh blow to many, for instance), I teeter on the edge of leaving myself.

    ... I realize this game does not make a lot of money for the company, but a lot of that is due to just how stupidly they run the show...Get it together, BNS...

  5. ...It seems they have revamped parts of this quest. I got stuck on transition from part 6 to 7... No letter to read to progress to 7. After rebooting twice, the letter appeared, and I got to level 10... What should be the next challenge but the same dratted quest, and had the same dratted problem. This time, so far, the letter won't appear no matter what I have done. Sent a Notice to Support after the level 6 fiasco, so, maybe they will write back with a fix despite my having solved the issue somehow at level 6. Sigh. It is the same problem, just at a different point in the quest now. It seems more than a bit odd that the "Kill 1 of 3 bosses" quest would appear at both level 6 AND level 10. maybe they ran out of ideas...

    ...Anyone know of a way around this???

  6. ,,,Its such a pity when a game company develops a game that centers around a strong, good and kind philosophy, then consistently erodes and degrades and even destroys that foundation. What we are left with is a shadow of what the game could have been. As I have said elsewhere, it must be that they held a Divine Mandate ritual in the offices of NC soft, and the result has been nothing but chaos ever since.

    ...My own personal choice is not to support them any longer, I'm not going premium or buying coins anymore. Everyone has to do as their nature compels them to so do, and this is my choice, My characters will suffer because of this, their gear will develop at a crawl, but, the game has to be more than just getting the best stuff... I remember fun...

    ... So, its back to climbing palaces and taking long glides and seeing what interesting things I can find. NCSoft has shown me their true nature, now, I have to go find mine again...

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  7. ...I believe I have discovered what is truly going on with the game, It is far more troubling than any of us dreamt possible...(looks right, looks left)....There has been another successful Divine Mandate ritual! One that occurred right inside the NCSoft and NCWest offices! Don't you see? This is no longer about Master Hong and the continuing of the Hongmoon Way. It was, in fact, our young students that discovered this fell situation, and that is why they had to be removed from the game, before they could reveal the truth...

    ...Now, it is only about spreading chaos.... Patches that don't work as we were told, dungeons that give far more anger and frustration than gold, The demons are in charge now, and its a safe bet that its only going to get worse, "You'll take it and you'll like it!' That's the catch phrase of the new era.

    ..Yes, some heroes will thrive in the new chaos, that's what heroes do. They are strong enough and still have others to fight beside them. There is strength in unity. Many are not yet strong and do not have loyal companions. They are lost in the shadows. Many more will fall into complete darkness, abandoned by their former friends, with no one to turn to. Many others will continue to spend their hard earned money, in the hopes of getting strong enough to continue on...towards what?

    ...The Hongmoon school is gone. Our students are dead, in callous and cruel fashion. There is only endless battle, and always another horde of demons around the bend to fight, to no purpose save the fight itself. Again, some will thrive on that. Battle and blood. Warriors. Heroes. Others will still forge ahead, hoping, that there is something left of the Hongmoon Way, not just in ourselves, not just in the game, but in the developers themselves. Or, are they now truly lost, has the Divine Mandate ritual, and their lust for our gold, turned them into DEVILopers?

    ...Yes, argue the point. Tell me of all the wondrous things about the game. You'll merely echo my own thoughts. Despite it all, this is still my all time favorite online game. There is so much I love about it. But, times, and the game, and sadly, the games creators, have changed.

    ...But, I miss Master Hong. I miss the Hongmoon Way. And that was what made this game so unique.

    ...And now the battle calls, the horns sound, I hear the sound of sword on shield, the smell of blood fills the air. Once again, I rise to battle.

    ...But, my eyes have been opened, and they will not close again... This is WAR! And I will fight it in my own way, The Hongmoon Way.

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  8. ..Well, this is hardly the first time that things have not gone very well after an update, to put it mildly. This current one is such a hopeless muddle, its obvious it was not tested at all. Having deviated completely from the Hongmoon Way, its also obvious that there is only one thing the devs of this game care about anymore, and that is money. I've done premium memberships, bought NC coin, but, no more. I, for one, am ON STRIKE. I am not spending another dime on this game until they do something to make me deliriously happy. If enough players do the same, maybe they will listen for a change. We deserve better than this, and so does the memory of Master Hong.

  9. ...I ventured back to the Hongmoon school after finishing the current storyline, and, as I wandered around, I noticed two things. First, it had STOPPED raining! (YAY!) ...(Always hated the thought of that poor little girl out in the rain)...

    ...Second, it seems that the months of strong rains had apparently washed one of the school's buildings away! I found it, after a long search, standing proudly in mid-air, about 1/3 of a mile away from its original location. :) ...Talk about a room with a view!

    ...I'm hoping that this is part of the storyline somehow, and that Celestial Real Estate is just around the corner... :) Anyone else notice this, or any other oddities after the latest patch?

  10. On 6/14/2019 at 2:19 PM, Grimoir said:

    First of...No, secondly, since after next patch you can re-seal a weapon and mail it to another character, it resets the gem slots so...you will need hammers for it. 

    If you don't use them, throw them away, just because you have no ned for them doesn't mean others don't.


    The gems should definitely not be salvageable, that's the whole point of them being good for newbies and starters.


    And no it would definitely not be good for the economy, just by saying that shows you have literally no clue about it.

    First off.. No third..hmm, maybe fourth? Thanks for the info on the next patch, but, that seems to be only useful if your other character has the same weapon. Will that hold for sending a weapon to another PLAYER? That would be more useful. Not sure how that helps my characters.

    Fifth off... Throw them away? hahahhaha..that's the whole point of being tired of having to throw things away. If I could throw them away so that someone else could pick them up and use them, now, that would be cool.

    Sixus: Pity about the gems, poor gems.... nobody cares. Sad..

    Sevenus: What are YOUR ideas for helping keep the gamers happy? Free advice? Ice cream?


    Thanks for answering anyway, I'll keep your words of wisdom in mind... Hey, where are the clues? How many have you found? Can you salvage them? :)

  11. ...I have like, 94 Legendary Gem Hammers now. 94. I can't sell them or give them away. They can't be salvaged. The only use they have is for a new character, and heck, no one needs that many. I keep getting them, now that I no longer need them. They just keep coming... Make it stop!!! Will I have thousands of them??????...(Its funny how an object once so sought for, is now to be avoided, especially on the Daily Spin... No, no NO!!! Not a 4!! Not another **** hammer!)

    ...I have the same problem with a lot of gems. I have thrown away a FORTUNE in gems. 10 Fortunes!!! They can't be given away, sold, salvaged or transmuted. Most cannot even be mailed to another of my characters. So they are JUNK! Hey, BnS folk, if you want to make a lot of people happy, make all objects in the game sell able, trade able, give away able, salvageable, mail able, transmutable and all.... Stop making this junk, which is useful in a very temporary basis, then, it just wastes a slot. I should at least be able to give them to someone less fortunate them myself: "here, buddy, have a gem..."

    ... Its one thing if an object is cursed(get it off me, get it off me!!!), but, there is no excuse for treating mere objects, um, worse than mere objects...

    ... It would be good for the game and for the game economy to have everything be treated as a real object in a real world. It would bring smiles to all the gamers' faces.. :)  Instead, a lot of it is poorly coded crap.....

    ...94 Legendary Gem Hammers... Where will it stop?

  12. Hi... I made my level 60 character, and got all the goodies. Master Hong appeared and said I should read his letter. However there was no letter, and when I tried to do the Awakening quest, no access to the cave, no one to talk to at the ironsights area... No purple quest. Anyone have any ideas why? thanks..

  13. ...Been a while now, and I've soloed my main character up to 55, HM 16. Its a long grind. But, it has had its rewards. I am planning on partying if I can find groups to do so, as in order to follow certain storyline aspects, multiple players are needed. Have to study some videos on youtube to be ready for the tougher 6-12 player dungeons. We'll see if my character can make the transition. Been a lone Kat for a long time now, after my friend quit the game. My current character has only played solo.

    ... There is a lot to this game beyond grinding and dungeons. My fav is long glides and building/tree/spire climbing. Been to the top of many palaces, and its fun figuring out ways around those darn slanted roofs. Nearby walls and tall trees really help. At Cinderlands Deva, try diving down on the lanterns. From the towers beyond the dungeon, its a good 100 ft dive, and jumping from the floating rock above the big rock in the desert makes it about an 600 ft dive. Fun!

    ...I'd like to see the developers make a stand-alone version of this for the PC. But, only if they leave in the climbing and gliding aspects. Too many dungeon/adventure games are closed pathway types, while this game is a very open world by comparison. Being able to repeat dungeons and bosses takes it way beyond the storyline, and adding in the games within a game it has, makes it unique.  I would gladly buy such a game...hint, hint...

  14. ...There's a chance that Ryu is in reality Mushin's son. Yura makes a possible mother. After all, the pair of them do seem to hit it off, and hang out all the time, and she did give birth to all them baddies while she was in her altered state way back. Mushin seems the type who is drawn to the icky types himself. heheh. I can see Yura making a lunch and packing Ryu off to evil school. Mushin teaching your Ryu which end of a sword is which, ah, precious family moments... It's a longshot, but, that thought occurred to me one night as I considered the possibilities. *Shrugs* That new pic of his in the opening credits shows him with that same arrogant look as Mushin wears. We'll see.

    ...There doesn't seem to be much point in starting the school up time and time again, so maybe the lone survivor is the way it will go. Sort of like the old Kung-Fu tv show....

  15. ...I had the same issue, could not find anyone to party with, and went in solo. (55, HM 16)  After a heck of a fight, beat the gatekeeper, but got no further. Got no reward for the fight, posted that elsewhere, but your post clarifies that the focus is on the super types... pity... The last event was much broader in scope. At least I got a lot of Legendary Hammers from fighting the puppets at the Celestial Basin...

  16. ...Took my little catgirl (55 Hongmoon 16) in against the gatekeeper at the theater solo, as I could not find anyone to party, though I have searched many times. Fought an epic fight for twenty minutes, won the battle. It was my 2nd try. Felt good about that win, but then.... What do I get for my effort? Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I expected some sort of drop from such a good fight. The wooden puppets dropped stuff, good stuff, and they were pushovers! Bogus. Then, of course, I get demolished in 3 seconds in the theater itself. I did not expect to win that one, anyway, as tough as the first fight was. But, I am sorely disappointed that the first fight had no reward of any sort, and that parties just are not happening;, did general searches and dungeon searches. Sigh. I guess this is just for the super people....

  17. ...Got to add, just to be fair, that I hit a run of four hours tonight with less than 20 players, even had just two of us at the House of Pleasures for over 5 minutes... Its a lot more interesting and fun with fewer players. More loot, too, and was able to complete the daily, The way it should be all the time, not so much in player numbers, but balance and damage rates vs rewards.

  18. ..What's really lame and unfair about this kind of event is having to compete with a horde of high level players, only to get shut out from any reward. Even if you follow along and help kill demons in the Ogong and Inn events, there is a horde of campers at the final fight, and they get everything. If its an event, it should reward all participants. The individual boss fights are even worse, with unbearable lag. A terrible "event", one that will keep me from spending any more money on the game. After four days I have 6 Killer coins and twenty thriller coins, but cannot complete the Inn, and even Ogong is becoming impossible, making it hard at best to get more... Lame, compared to other events.

  19. My Gunslinger has the same problem. If you go to (esc) Character status on the bottom bar, you should be able to see your stats there, at least that worked for me. it happened when upping a legendary object. Guess from your post they either don't know how to patch this, or are in no hurry. Anyway, try the status trick...

  20. ..."Master! Master!"

    ...I looked up in shock. It was Jinsoyun, and not  only had she left her room, she was more animated than I had seen her in weeks.

    ..."What...?" I managed to stammer out before she grabbed my robe and began to drag me outside.

    ..."Its Master Hong! Come quickly, Master!" Confused, I allowed her to lead me outside. Dully, my mind registered that it had stopped raining. Huh...

    ...She brought me to the small shrine where we had said goodbye to my students, our family. There, to my surprise, stood Master Hong! I stopped in my tracks, tears filling my eyes...

    ..."What, no greeting for your old master, Cricket?" He smiled.

    ..."See, I told you Master!" Jinsoyun cried happily. "He's here!"

    ...Something in me broke, and I stumbled over and knelt before him. My hands trembled as they reached out to embrace his feet, and then they went right through him.

    ..."There was enough sadness in this world before you lost your friends, Cricket, but the pain you and Jinsoyun have experienced has opened the door enough for me to project my spirit here, for a brief time."

    ... I stood up, uncertain, but happy to see Master Hong again, no matter how he had managed it. Jinsoyun hugged me, and we held hands as our master spoke again.

    ..."Your friends were taken by the darkness, and only the light can bring them back." Master Hong looked at me, as I wiped the tears from my eyes. "The light you both bear within you."

    ..."What do you mean, master, they are dead." It hurt my heart to admit that, but, it was the truth.

    ..."That is what those who follow the Ebondrake would have you believe, Cricket." Beside me, I heard Jinsoyun gasp, and her hand suddenly gripped mine so tightly, it hurt.

    ..."What do you mean, master? Are they alive? How?" I managed to get out.

    ..."You were tricked into believing they had died, Cricket. Those were demons, with illusions cast upon then to assume the forms of your students. It was those creatures that Ryu killed. Your students are held prisoner. They are neither alive or dead, at this moment," Master Hong said. "Their spirits have been imprisoned in the very Heart of the Ebondrake, if such a creature could truly be said to have a heart. All I can tell you, is that such a place does exist, and that you and Jinsoyun together, can find it, and bring them back to the light, bring them home." Master Hong smiled gently. "Although the journey may cost you both dearly."

    ..."Master! We have to go! We have to!" Jinsoyun clutched my arm, her eyes pleading. "I'll do anything, pay any price!" Tears fell like rain from her eyes.

    ...I looked down at my remaining student, so young, but, no longer the innocent she had been before our family had been destroyed. There was a strength in her that had been lacking before, even when the darkness in her had been at its strongest. Somehow, she was stronger now than ever before. Seeing that, the strength of her resolve, of her love for those we had thought lost forever, there could be only one answer. I looked at Master Hong,

    ..."What do we have to do, Master?"

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  21. This entry does contain spoilers and stuff you my not want to know if you have not finished the latest chapter... and its going to ramble a bit.

    ...Up to this last update, I have really been enjoying the storyline of Blade and Soul. However, I have some strong opinions about this latest update. Here we have a group of children, who accompany my character to the Status Empire capitol, with many assurances from my character that I will keep them safe. Huh.

    ...I had a feeling that when the kids were taken to another area that that was a mistake, certainly nothing I personally would have allowed. Period. The kids stay with me.

    ...Many admittedly exciting battles later, the students of the Hongmoon School were wiped out again, and rather casually at that. And the player character stands by doing nothing as they die, just another observer. As a character in the game, one never really had the chance to bond with the original students, they were there to be wiped out along with Master Hong, to provide drama and purpose to the player character. The supposed inheritor of the Hongmoon Way. And, with the brief survival of Brother Hajoon and his teachings, it kept the spirit of the school alive for a brief time, and provided needed depth. Other meetings and visions added to that as well.

    ...However, this last update only brought about needless death, and in a rather callous fashion at that. Bunyang and Bunah, those happy go lucky grandkids die for no real reason, as does Jinbin. Now, I have to wonder why. Did the writers just get tired of these characters? Or, maybe they are just not good enough to write a proper Hongmoon School storyline anymore.

    ...Grandpa Cho has a brief consolation speech, but, we should have stood a few rounds together at the local bar and sent off their spirits properly. But, at least he reacted.

    ...How can the writers expect us to connect with characters and respect them if they themselves do not? You can't just kill everybody off. We are supposed to be rebuilding a martial arts school with a unique philosophy. May as well make them all "Killable Monsters" and we'll save them the trouble. Where are we supposed to find new students now? Who is left?

    ... Storywise,  ok, we had another attempt at a Divine Mandate, guess those will never stop.  Well, maybe Namsoyoo will make a decent Empress someday, if  the baddies leave her alone, that is. And the game to date, has been about redemption. (Jinsoyun) So, maybe there is hope for Ryu as well. But, how can we players trust you writers anymore? Its supposed to be about rebuilding the Hongmoon School, that was established very early on. But, who would want to be a Hongmoon Student now? They all die! And that whole ending of this chapter was rather rushed and clumsy, as if the writers themselves could hardly wait to be done with it. And there are not many pieces to pick up, either.

    ...And, what are we left with at the end? Just a poor little girl, all alone in the rain at Heaven's Reach. I have my character visit her daily, just cause. This chapter was a real letdown.

    ...Hey, if you're tired, hire me, I can't do any worse. And, I am up for the challenge of continuing the story of the Hongmoon Way.

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