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  1. Why new launcher is so damn heavy??? 2.30GB??? Guys you just can't make something nice without fck something up do you?? And it deleted my old game... Whole game gone... ''Thank'' you. PoE here i come. Wont dowload it again
  2. Like said in topic, all lyn female outfit heels are gone. As can see Jin in Background have them. https://ibb.co/LSYM0yc
  3. People are not mad bcos we lost it. People are angry because they said it more than once that Demon Spirit Stones will be exchanged for new option. Dev in stream said, then from official twiter was same, If we can't trust official dev source then yea, they dont deserve our money.
  4. If this is compensation for lost Demon Stones. then I am sorry but this is spit in face. I lost really a lot of them. I was planing make Oils and you guys said that they will got exchange for Lesser ones. I planned upgrade Soul and Hearth and all what we got is 7 Ascention stones and Resets? If this is really attidue towards players then i am sorry but guess it is time move forward and look for new game.
  5. In most games where have votekick it is disabled while loot or bid is open or are engaded in boss fight. All solved. They wont be able kick som1 when something good droops or right at end of boss fight. This system is needed, bcos I often see parasite freeloaders and total retarded players who don't even want learn or read. This is reason why I stoped to do F8 with randoms.
  6. So maybe many not aware but on 3 December 2018 comes out new EU law against unjustified geo-blocking in online shops. Means all online prices in all EU countries should be same. I wonder if NC will follow? Bcos they must. Example now in EU Ncoins cost euro while in UK pounds. After 3 December it all should be 1 price in all EU. This law also apply on Digital Goods what is NCoins.
  7. This is way better than Halloween event. I missed all Halloween bcos it was pure grind stuff. Don't have time to grind, this one is oposite i just log on few alts and send craft. In my opinion way better than previous one. Some will like some not. Just deal with it not QQ
  8. I checked like 7 or 8 GS all was fine. They was in BT soul shields. For me F2 works on most GS, some are empty like some other classes. For my F2 empty are BnS Buddy users.
  9. That's not bug, Most likely player uses BnS Buddy app. That app rekt's F2 for user
  10. Everblack

    Warden build

    I don't know if you read all stuff Septy, but frenzy state HP lose can stop for 6s with skill. In that 6s use high dmg skills in frenzy state and cancel it if you dislike HP loose debuff stuff. Rotation is super simple so you can have all time to check what boss doing. you dont even need look how looks animations in lighting spec bcos one have CD and they are bigger dmg abilities there. Warden have a lot iframes. Dunno about what you complain. Maybe first check properly all skill before QQ about being bad. Warden have insane dmg, good tanking and nice iframes.
  11. All those fresh baked Wardens will need VT gear so they throw trove right into face. And why not milk players when have chance? Right?
  12. Really need change how rewards are collected after last boss in dungeon or raid. So many times happens crash after last boss in loot bidding time or after killing last boss in raids. After logging back ofc i am out and can't accept reward, like now i lost weakly boss kill rewards and in same time raid entrance chance... Either rewards should auto droop in bag or need chance to finish quest anytime after killing boss. I reinstalled and repaired game multiple times, these crashes still happens. It just really bad when loose weakly raid entry
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