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  1. 1 vs 1 Challenge by Lautys "Don't touch my Mane man" Location: Cold Storage bunker. Fight Rules: -If a player kills 'Winter Mane', this player loses. -Winter Mane must stay alive at all times until a player is slain and cannot revive itself. -> Meaning, Bunker closed at all times, therefore outside interference is impossible. -> ALL ITEMS ARE ALLOWED. ALL. -> HOWEVER -> ITEMS ARE CALLED BEFORE FIGHT / 2 SLOT BY 2 SLOTS, ROTATION FOR ITEM CHOICE. MUST CALL ITEM. -> 8 ITEMS ARE CHOSEN. NOTHING ELSE IS ALLOWED. (2 OPTIONS HERE: LIMIT AMOUNT OF ITEMS // NO LIMIT) (ALSO OPTIONAL: ITEM BAN 1 OR 2 MAX) IN CASE OF GOLD BETS : A THIRD PLAYER WILL HOLD THE PRIZE AND 'ASSIST' AND WILL GIVE THE WINNER HIS GOLD AS THE DOOR OPENS. -AGAIN STAY OUTSIDE BUNKER- ASSISTING IS OK, AS LONG AS PLAYERS ARE OUTSIDE THE BUNKER. <3 Lautys (yes, the real deal :* ) <3