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  1. Clan uniform recipes

    30 people can drop 1x each, yes
  2. Clan uniform recipes

    I have an extensive selection for sale, drop your ign ill pm you
  3. New Event POV

    GGrrgrgrt Nice job Really So whats does that leave peolle what ARE ACTUALLY DOING THE EVENT Stuck bonking agaisnt PVE ZEROHS that lock down the whole system I am legit tilted by this active locking down of the map! I really had HIGH holed for this. So what ! Il be spending my next month bonking to a full land back to bonk for participating. AAANGRRYYY!
  4. New Event POV

    Yaa really what the heck is this?? BONK BONK BONK was Not the LOBBY bared to 300 ?
  5. 1 vs 1 Challenge by Lautys "Don't touch my Mane man" Location: Cold Storage bunker. Fight Rules: -If a player kills 'Winter Mane', this player loses. -Winter Mane must stay alive at all times until a player is slain and cannot revive itself. -> Meaning, Bunker closed at all times, therefore outside interference is impossible. -> ALL ITEMS ARE ALLOWED. ALL. -> HOWEVER -> ITEMS ARE CALLED BEFORE FIGHT / 2 SLOT BY 2 SLOTS, ROTATION FOR ITEM CHOICE. MUST CALL ITEM. -> 8 ITEMS ARE CHOSEN. NOTHING ELSE IS ALLOWED. (2 OPTIONS HERE: LIMIT AMOUNT OF ITEMS // NO LIMIT) (ALSO OPTIONAL: ITEM BAN 1 OR 2 MAX) IN CASE OF GOLD BETS : A THIRD PLAYER WILL HOLD THE PRIZE AND 'ASSIST' AND WILL GIVE THE WINNER HIS GOLD AS THE DOOR OPENS. -AGAIN STAY OUTSIDE BUNKER- ASSISTING IS OK, AS LONG AS PLAYERS ARE OUTSIDE THE BUNKER. <3 Lautys (yes, the real deal :* ) <3