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  1. Many of my characters are stuck. are the developers planning on reverting the extremely horrible change? or should i go back to world of warcraft? I can assure you i am not alone, thousands of CUSTOMERS are disatisfied with the product. Keep in mind players are not slaves, they are what funds the company, and players like to be happy. NOT frustrated. You are here to provide a service, and an entertainment. But instead you are treating customers as servants and peasants. New players are stuck, my alts are stuck, And the horrible RNG event which left many playe
  2. @ 42:45 she says the above ^. This is a lie and a fraud. Why is this a deception done on the players? for one reason: The devs made the players believe that the system was going to work in a certain way. But this was a lie. It does NOT increase your chances an extra 9%. The only thing this does as some have pointed out is fill up a bar similar to the TROVE events for the 100% critical. But guess what? You need 15 more oils AFTER 100%. There is another name for this, FRAUD, and lies done by the ones who s
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