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  1. Simple Mode in F12

    I dont know if it was a bug before but it seem to be great at the time. But now the simple mode can't be use in the F12 anymore. I hope Ncsoft implement this feature permanently in the game.
  2. Cant log in

    Nice of you to assume something that you have no idea of. And i think i have some idea of what is going on. So i turned off all my anit virus. Then I scan file and update the necessary file, and boom I can play the game.
  3. Can't log in.

    I use the new launcher and i can't log into the game now. It says fail to connect to server. WTF is going on now?
  4. So I was doing cold storage, when the boss does a big AOE, the lag just spike out of control and freeze my game. Need help please!
  5. Heart Nebula Upgrade

    I have a question about heart nebula? Can i still use it upgrade my Heart after the 03/13 ? Thanks
  6. A Global Chat Chanel.

    Is there a plan to create a global channel? Faction chat sometimes really quiet. It would be awesome to have a global chat.
  7. I have a stage 9 oath necklace. what will happen to it? will it come back to stage 1? or do we get any compensation for all the material and gold?