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  1. I tried the UI editor but where ever I move the little chat thing to it doesnt show up on screen. Do I have to press something?
  2. I can see the chats but there's not box for me to type into to chat myself.
  3. Isn't there a quest to introduce me to crafting and gathering? I made it to Jadestone. I'm level 20. I see crafters but never got a quest to that introduces crafting.
  4. So you can actually pick a different voice than the default? Would be strange to have Lyn talking like Gon, I noticed there are more voices than races. Do the extra voices mean more races were planned or just there for more variety? Do voices actually matter? In SWOTR your characters talk in cut scenes. In Wildstar your characters only seem to grunt when hurt in battle and /laugh makes them laugh (except for Mechari which they forgot to voice).
  5. I'm new just made first character (not yun) so forgive me if this has been talked about before but isn't an all female (or all male) race doomed to extinction? Or does the Funghuang just keep producing Yun magically? Or can they produce daughter with the other races?
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