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  1. Is there any plan to do something with these or do we just let them pile up in inventory rather than sell then for 1copper via Trader? Oh okay the Gilded Triangles are worth 5Gold. Point is they are dead in the water. Can't transfer them, salvage them, upgrade them, just dump them? Seems like a waste of resources to buy them in first place! Oh - and you don't know they are dead until you get a random gem from various sources, never to get one again! Only place that seems safe to buy a gem is from the dragon trader using 8 Solar Energy!



  2. I also used to have a load time of around 5-7 minutes. Gave me plenty of time to do summat else. I eventually got fed up with this, and used a system cleaner to optimise my system, and also, using NVidia, I used their graphics optimiser on the Geforce Experience software. This has my loading time down to 2 minutes which I am okay with.


  3. Okay - so there are no macros in game that can be used or setup to make combo's easier, but I never relied on games to provide this, not even WoW which I play little now as I am here! XD How did I get around remembering and making new combo's? I use a Macro mouse and keyboard. The mouse is from Logitech and has 5 programmable buttons - got 2 set up for my combo macros. The keyboard I use is from Corsair and has 6 macro keys and I have set up 2 of these so far. They work. It was slow to work out timing between skills for triggering the macro and waiting for the reset/cool down rates, but it works. I always ran out of reset charms! Having said that, most of the time I do not use the macros anyway, not now with the addition of the "Simple" key.


  4. Yup I am also getting the Auto-Fail! I thought was random at one time, tripped by local events, like other player's effects and local fighting (Moon Refuge). This week however I looked at it. I bought Taigon's auto bait from the store 300+100 then spent 100 gold at the vendor for another 1000 auto bait. That is within the limit for fishing so all are used. This means around 10 hours of fishing with one interruption for switching bait from Taigon to regular auto bait.  For 8 days I fished Dasari North (across lake) without interruption, until yesterday and today. I am on my own most of the time, and occasionally there is one or two other players. Sometimes I switch channels to find a quiet spot. Yesterday I recorded 10 auto-fails which is not that bad from 1400, but was still a PITA. Today I had 60 auto-fails. I had 35 one after the other at Dasari North. No one around. I changed channel again and moved to Dasari West. I had another 25 here but were broken up and not in a solid block. This is with Blade and Soul the only and active screen open. Only windows tasks running in the background (6 core Processor). With monitoring and normal day to day living, checking and restarting the fishing went from 10 hours approx. to 16 hours! 

    Bring back the A Team!

  5. On 06/02/2020 at 10:34 AM, Anheru said:

    None of the costumes are new, they're all returning. Some of them are even already in the costume trader.

    Costumes are cycled along with new additions, this is to give players a chance to add to their collections for buffs.


  6. 13 hours ago, Grimoir said:

    You need to wait for 25th in US time not EU time. then when the store refreshes they will be there.


    People forget that the quest resets will allow them to reset daily quests to earn more gold...


    they never said they were gifts to begin with. The costume is a Christmas sale, the other items are 0 purchase items.

    Yup - no Christmas gifts... Up to 2400NCoin for outfit and a bunch of items that probably will be trashed for 1copper each. Last year we had Hongsil's workshop and that was quite popular and nobody minded that at all. Was that for Christmas? I forget now for certain. So again EU is fleeced of their money. So much for Good Will, and the only 0 purchase items are for Warden and 20 stamps per month for premium. At least we got the wheel for a while...

  7. 9 hours ago, Zuzuzuzuzu said:

    EU/NA server is on Santa naughty list. 

    Meanwhile all the games have really good free gifts to their players ,we have Blade and Soul with our FREE gifts 



    Meanwhile RU Blade and Soul have real gifts 



    HOW LOW IT BECAME THIS COMPANY ??? Like they don't have a limit ?

    How about the players , how much can you endure this mocking ? 



    You know - I cannot even find these items mentioned?? o.0

    Is there anything at all on the EU servers Christmas related apart from outfits and accessories?!

    It is Christmas day now and still I find nothing o.o


  8. 22 hours ago, sourtreething said:

    The game has horrible ratings and terrible profit margins. Nobody here is happy, including the staff. Just shut this down and migrate workers to other games. This game just attracts a small community of asian elitist players who couldn't cut it in other games, and their whole game library consist of LoL and BnS. This game failed in the west and only retains these players, which drive away western players on purpose. Just end this failure already and offer some compensation toward other games. 

    I have a few moans about this game, but there is not another closely resembling the format and I have yet to find a better combat interface that is both intuitive and user friendly. Most players complain because they enjoy the game but there are areas that are deteriorating. This game does need more staff to run through as a player to see just what they have done. Latest side story, the Silversteel? 20 minutes game play. If you rush you can maybe do this in 10-15 minutes. My beef with that is the attention given to, and the very well made video cuts. They are really good, but some of them ( 2 I can think of now) take away from the game any enjoyment of discovery. Unnecessary. Same as happened with previous side story. When the team was "refreshed", was it more animators and less programmers? Because the game play deteriorated and parts are held together with bandaids! Players want to enjoy the game not spend so much time interrupted by videos!

    I really enjoyed the story behind the game, as I suspect did a lot of the original players. Newer players will not have had the same feeling after the majority of the game was chopped. I miss Blues Clues! lol

    Now it is rush the players through the game with no thought to the artists behind the awesome landscapes and majestic structures, towards the current end of the game. But what is this?!

    A Roadblock!

    Crafting and upgrades just got a serious knock down! Material prices and availability just became most unfavourable! Anybody out there who is a solo player without being premium will never under the current system get Rare Elements! NEVER! 

    What has happened??

    None premium players who do not party are being carefully driven out of the game?

    This is sad...

    We will miss them....




  9. On 18/12/2019 at 4:51 PM, Laenaya said:

    This is second time you are answering me like this and i dont know how did i even offend you. Do you think i love trying to solve this problem on forums and losing time here? You answer as if you are a ncsoft worker or ncsoft fanboy.  First of all you should learn reading since you said "multiple people have not used free vouchers said they bought char slots from shop having 12 slots just fine." Lets look those multiple people' post.

    So can you tell me where in the world they are saying they didnt get any free vouchers at previous patches or did they even mention free vouchers in their post? They just say they can buy additional slot vouchers and they have 12 slots, one of them even had 12+1 lol.So if i try to point out a bug in game and try to get a normal game feature, this is talking nonsense? So i should just accept it and bear with 11 slots and make a new account just for 1 more class and farm since you said "this problem seems to effect low number of people"? Let me tell you what nonsense is: there is a problem or bug with that additional slot vouchers for me and "low number of people" but support department only forward this problem to development department and boom there is no solution just bear with it. I just tried to show that there is a problem that hasnt been solved by support dept and i tried to see if any1 has same problem as me. I have even found official announcement for max char slot after support department replied me that they dont have a definite answer about max char slots. I'm trying to find solution here but they dont help me. I'm sorry for continuing this "nonsense"  but believe me i would stop immediately if they care even a bit about this problem. I had little hope that maybe after today's patch i could buy voucher but no :D It seems nothing will happen as i said and i dont wanna lose time and bother people on forum for nothing. Peace and out.

    I could be mistaken, but I think when Warden was released a free (Level 60?) slot came with it, and then another free slot was given with the Archer release. So there were 2 free slots. Without these the limit would have been 10. NCSoft paged the character list on the title page when Warden was released. I had 8 when Warden was launched and I also purchased a slot to give me 10. When Archer with a free slot was launched I purchased another slot before I realised I had a free one which gave me 12 slots. Now I look at the received items folder and I get the message, "The maximum available character slots in Blade & Soul is 11. You cannot purchase or use vouchers in access of this amount." So I do not think the left hand knows what the right hand is doing...….

  10. 23 hours ago, TTa said:

    Any tips on catching the Silver Tilefish? I've tried everywhere in Dasari and no luck. Do you need to stand somewhere in specific?


    Yup - I caught this at Dasari West - that is the one to the left of the one where the vendor is (South).


  11. Auto-fish?? Okay - I think this has been kinda missed....

    On 04/12/2019 at 8:51 PM, Aulann said:

    they are adding a way to auto-fish and even get mats for fishing so don't worry.

    You get 3 achievements for standing there and fishing in Dasari yes? 3 of them in total. Just for catching X amount of fish. This takes some skill but not much. You can do this from 1 pier. There are 46 specimens of fish to catch - 4/5 of which are caught only at Sapphire Basin, approx. 8 are caught from Moon Refuge, and rest at Dasari. There are 2 piers at Moon Refuge and 3 at Dasari. All in all there are 6 piers from which to catch the 46 species of fish to complete the collection. AND YOU GET NO RECOGNITION FOR THIS! You can spend 3-4 weeks trying to catch 1 fish and already you got "Master Angler"  for catching loads of puny bait fish, but when it comes to planning and selecting where to catch your fish you get nothing! Tell me - are the achievements for spending resources? and what is with the rewards? 600 pearls get you 5 x 1,000 XP tokens with a chance of an aqua pet and 1,200 pearls get you 1 with even less chance of getting much more?   

  12. Maybe I am wrong, but the only fishing achievements (3 of them) that I can remember are those for catching loads of fish at Dasari?

    Today for the first time I caught my 46th species of fish! Yay! 46 of 46 fish types caught! wooo!

    NO achievement for this????????

    Well done guys! Way to put me off the fishing!


  13. I agree, the removal of the "blues clues" secondary quests de-humanised the game but I think was for memory saving reasons as they expanded the games after reducing the servers. Some said they were removed because was confusing players which is total BS, players know to READ I am sure! Another theory is that NCS just wanted to rush players through to the new content with little thought to attracting new players.

    How many new players said the same as yourself? "This is a boring game! It's dead!" and then left?

    Now there are many areas I stop and look at where we used to quest and say "aaaaaaah! Memories.... Look! Do you remember that well? And that Ore over there? Look at the plant! I used to collect that."!




    On 11/08/2019 at 3:47 AM, Aulann said:

    Which dock and where on the dock did you fish? I've been fishing on the one next to the vendor for days and only getting swordfishes and Red ones.

    I have also been fishing the same dock (next to the vendor) I call Dasari South, for 3 weeks trying to get the Pink Tilefish. Can nobody verify this is the correct dock?

    I can confirm that the Orange Swordfish is caught on the right dock (by vendor), at Moon Refuge.


  15. okay so you over-stated it!

    What you seem to be saying is (Apart from not driving with eyes closed or comparing it to updates and existing bugs or delayed improvements), is that this is a doubtful practise and begs the question:

    Why are we having our eyes directed to the crotch of our character during wind strides and wind walking by a pretty little light beacon? This can not be censorship or our attention would be taken away by another pretty little light beacon that is NOT on the characters crotch!

    I would like to know why this is also as is very annoying!



  16. I agree with the Account Bank to eliminate the cost and time taken to send items to alts on our accounts. Low on gold and got 45 elements to transfer to another alt that needs them and it becomes expensive!


    Adding another grumble - The Visual Skill Effects - Please can we have the option to turn them OFF! drives me nuts when I am busy in one area or during reading quest literature/ talking to NPC's other players and then randomly swinging a blade!


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